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Add contact properties for call activity

In case our telemarketer team wants to filter their daily phone activity we need an automated property based on their phone activity, i.e. "Last phone date"

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For some reason there are all these options to sort by e-mail opens, clicks, sent date, but ZERO options to sort by Calls.


The calls get lumped into a generic "last contacted date" - This is pretty useless.


The entire point of e-mailing someone is to get them on the phone, so why doesn't this exist.


Neues Mitglied

Hi guys, when I go through the call queue, after a've done a call I remove it from the queue. It would be good to be able to keep track of who I've called - to track and analyse my work during the day/ week etc.

Neues Mitglied

This would be a great addition.

Please do this!


Neues Mitglied

This should be an easy and very effective addition. Considering this is a sales and marketing tool, i'm very surprised this hasn't been done.

Neues Mitglied

 It's silly this isn't already a thing in a SALES tool.  Can we get this happening?  Would suck to have to move to another CRM because it's lacking this very obvious functionality.  


This is a vital area of functionality for proper prospecting, and I really hope that it is implemented quickly.


Right now, the "Last Contacted Date" field is updated whether I email or call someone; there is no way to get more granular down to "Last Emailed Date" or "Last Called Date."  


I am well-versed in how to use Task Queues to sort out who I'm calling or emailing on that particular day, but as of right now there is no good way to filter my contacts to find who may have slipped through the cracks.  If there were a "Last Email Date" or "Last Call Date" filter, I could easily sort my contacts to see who I hadn't reached out to in a while via one of those specific methods.


This is Prospecting 101.  Please, please, please add this as a filtering option as soon as possible.  Thank you!


I agree, it is incredibly important to be able to distinguish last date called from last date emailed. Without this, it's very difficult to effectively organize follow-up outreach efforts.


Yes, is very necessary. We have a cuality team, his mission is hear calls of our executives and improve them. So if we can find the calls Instantly, it would help the team a lot

Neues Mitglied

I would be happy if they could just add a search feature to find anyone you have called that hasn't answered.


At times, we want to know when did we connect over phone with our customers and last contacted date does not convey this information as it changes with sales/marketing email.


This would be extremely useful to have.  I'm about to put something together that's close to this using custom fields and workflows but it would be much better if it were built into the system.


Hello, It would make our life as salespeople much easier to monitor the last time we were calling to a person within a list (as cold-calls are a majority part of our job)


I would like to suggest to add a contact property called Last Contact Via Phone/Call


The populated value should be a date


I would like to apply this property as a column in a current list


Thanks, Rudi



I would like to add 2 new contact properties for monitoring leads reaching out:

1. Last Contacted Via Email - meaning the last date/time contact was sent an email (not a marketing email!)
2. Last Contacted Via Call - meaning the last date/time a phone call was logged to a contact 

The importance of these properties is that it will appear either in lists or in contact lists

These two properties can help our daily routine of reaching out, prospecting & following ups cycles

I Will appreciate your effort!



Yes please, great idea!


This would be a great feature to have. At the moment there is no way to build a workaround either. 


It seems like this data must be stored since calls and emails are logged. Is it possible to make it visible via a property?