Add contact properties for call activity

In case our telemarketer team wants to filter their daily phone activity we need an automated property based on their phone activity, i.e. "Last phone date"

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This would be extremely useful to have.  I'm about to put something together that's close to this using custom fields and workflows but it would be much better if it were built into the system.

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Hello, It would make our life as salespeople much easier to monitor the last time we were calling to a person within a list (as cold-calls are a majority part of our job)


I would like to suggest to add a contact property called Last Contact Via Phone/Call


The populated value should be a date


I would like to apply this property as a column in a current list


Thanks, Rudi


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I would like to add 2 new contact properties for monitoring leads reaching out:

1. Last Contacted Via Email - meaning the last date/time contact was sent an email (not a marketing email!)
2. Last Contacted Via Call - meaning the last date/time a phone call was logged to a contact 

The importance of these properties is that it will appear either in lists or in contact lists

These two properties can help our daily routine of reaching out, prospecting & following ups cycles

I Will appreciate your effort!


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Yes please, great idea!