Add contact as a property to be required when creating a deal


I'd like to see contact as a required option when adding a new deal. When adding a deal, you can search contacts and add, but we'd like to see this as an option to require sales team to add the contact before the deal can be added. I'm thinking this should be an easy add since you've already built the required option?! This helps prevent sales team from just entering bare bones info to get the deal in the system and forces a contact associated with each deal. As is, if contact not added when deal created, you have to go back to the company and look up the contacts.



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I agree! Would be super helpful in our use case if we could require this information when a deal reaches a Won/Loss State.

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We'd like to see company with the ability to be a required field when creating a deal. We sync HubSpot with our invoicing and use it for reporting, and if a company is not attached, a deal can slip through the cracks. 

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 Yes yes yes! We absolutely need this. It's a major issue that management doesn't have the option to require this and can end up leaving pipelines messy and incomplete. 


We have several workflows set up based on deals moving to particular deal stages. Because of this, it would be incredibly helpful to our business process to require company and contact on every deal so that every contact that qualifies gets enrolled into the correct workflows within the correct timeframe.


Yes, we absolutely need this!!!!!  And not only the contact, but also the company field!!!!  We should have the ability to make these required, and move them to the top of the pick list when creating deals.  Conversely we should be able to remove a field like the 'products' field if it is not used.  The company field value is needed to associate the deal with, and without it accuracy of reporting breaks down.  I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS IS CURRENTLY NOT FEASIBLE!!!


I really am a Hubspot fan. I have tried almost 15 CRMs out of which, I am using 3 including Hubspot side by side before final selection. But this one point is out of my understanding. You know, Pipedrive, Zoho, Bitrix24, and many others have the feature described above. It really offers seamless data entry. I dont know why it is like the way it is and not even customizable. It really saves my seconds or the user seconds. 


Yes please! 

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This feature would help us provide more customized options for sales teams - especially for sales teams that have more structured requirements for their sales representatives. 


I have the same request!!!!

I thought about creating a workflow alert to let the sales people know when there is a deal that was created without a contact and or a company, but I had the same problem, I can't add these properties to the workflow!

There is also another idea talking about this issue:


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Agreed ... I searched around a bit on this and it seems that one can create Deals with no associated Contact or Company. I can see some use in this as well. 


Perhaps this can be an account wide setting for Deals. I.e. Account admins should have the ability to set whether at least 1 Contact and or Company needs to be associated when creating Deals.


Hope there is some feed back on this soon. Thanks in advance 🙂


We have created a workflow that notifies the deal owner when a deal is created without a contact.

Within the alert they get we let them know that the company also needs to be filled. 

This is the solution we have found until now. 

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Where are we at with this one?  It is a very simple feature that we need to have data integrity on our deals and to ensure our follow-up process is successful.  I ended up having to create a workflow that creates a task for the deal creator if there is no contact present but it would be much simpler to make it required and be done with it. 


Any field that is available to the deal creator to input should be a field that we as users can require to be entered.  Why are our hands being tied in our unique deal creation processes??


This would be super beneficial! I hate seeing our Team Members creating deals when no company or contact is associated. We need to have this to run our campaigns that are in place when they are going through the deal stages in the pipelines. Although we have workflows set up to give them a "task" to associate a Contact or Company to their deal its still not as effective as having the contact be required before they can create a deal. I hope HubSpot can get this feature up and running in 2020. SO much potential for the Sales Hub is this can be done!


In this same area, would also would like to see the option to require a product (at least one). Ideally this could be set as required to enter a particular deal stage. For example: contact and company required at our second stage, product required at the third.


And the user should not be able to bypass these requirements by creating a deal directly into a later stage (ex: stage 4 in my example above)