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Add checklist functionality on Service Tickets

It would be of HUGE value to have the ability to add a checklist on a service ticket.  I have several use cases:


1. We utilize service tickets to track our product implementations.  Because there are way to many steps in our process to have them reflected as a ticket status, it would be great to have the ability to embed a checklist on the ticket to track steps and things that are completed as a part of that ticket.


2. When we are supporting our customers on some issues with a service ticket, there are some known steps that need to be completed with them before the ticket can be closed.  It would be great to have a checklist that the user working the ticket could mark things as complete.


Ideally for both use cases, I'd love to be able to have a snippet that would then populate a note on the ticket with this checklist.  I was hoping to utilize a work-around by having a snippet that is a pasted Excel grid to update manually with text, but the grid isn't supported in snippets or notes.