Add call duration as a field for manual call logs


Currently automatic call tracking tracks 'call duration'. This data is visible for reporting and data analysis for calls made through HubSpot. 


While there is an option to log calls in HubSpot that are not generated through the HubSpot call functionality, there is no option to insert the estimated call duration of the call. 


Due to this missing field, only automatic calls are utilised for sales performance reporting in HubSpot. 



Add a field for estimated call duration so that sales teams can add in the estimated amount of time they spent on the phone call. This will allow for manual call logs to be considered in the call duration reporting for data analysis on sales performance. 


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(sidenote: we use Kixie to place/receive our calls and have integrated their app within Hubspot)


I came here to request this same feature. I guess I'll add my 2 cents on why this is so important. Many high velocity sales organizations track reps' performance based on calls made and talk-time (call duration). As such, it's important that these number be accurate and wholly reflect the reps' efforts for the day/week/month.


Currently within Hubspot only calls/call durations are logged when the call is recognized as belonging to a number associated with a contact in Hubspot. But what can happen is a rep places a call to a contact's number, leaves a message and the contact calls back on another number (not recognized by Hubspot). In those instances, it's as if the call never occurred. The rep may talk to that contact for 30 minutes, which greatly impacts their talk-time KPI, but the data is lost in Hubspot so their actual talk-time (and calls made metric) isn't accurately reflected in Hubspot reporting.


SOLUTION -  if it was possible to use the 'Log a Call' feature to manually notate that call occurred and add 2 things:


  • Assign the call activity to the appropriate rep
  • Add the duration of the call

By being able to manually 'stuff' a call that did occur into a contact record AND make sure that data is reflected in Hubspot reporting, it would allow managers to retroactively update Hubspot reporting to accurately reflect these edge cases.

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I agree with mattSD's idea above. 

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Completely agree with the previous comments.

Productivity reports on calls are totally null & void without manual call duration being possible. 

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Agreed ! We have been searching the community and documentation because we we sure
it must be possible to at least add the end time somewhere. We have been using this in other systems.


There is already the option to select the time when you enter a log manually. Why stop there?

I think the best solution would be to give users both options of either adding start and end time

in which case the duration is calculated automatically or enter the duration directly.


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Agree with the suggested solutions above. It would also solve an issue we have...


Our team need to make a lot of international calls, these can not be made through HubSpot so have to be logged manually, we would also like to add in the duration for the same reasons mentioned above (reporting, analysis etc.).



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Is it possible to introduce Logging Duration Call with Mobile App or other systems? Actualy works only with Calling directly from Desktop Calling Function.
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Is it possible to introduce Logging Duration Call in the Call Logging?