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Add calculated metrics to reporting tool

I have the custom reports add-on. I would like to create a report showing the percentage of our contacts who are active users in our app, and break the report down by various variables. For example, I want to create a report that shows the percentage of active users by country.


We have created a field called is_active in HubSpot to flag which users are active. And I can show a breakdown, in a pie chart, of the percentage of users that are active or inactive in total.


What I can't do, however, is show any kind of chart depicting the percentage breakdown along different axes. For example, if I want to show a chart as described above, showing the percentage of active users by country, I can't do this.


The solution would be to allow calculated metrics in reports. Then I could add a metric called "% Active," and use this in my charts. And I could show the metric for different variables, such as country, company, and so forth.