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Add calculated fields to HubSpot Pro level

I was shocked when I had to find out that simple +-*/ fields are not included in HubSpot Pro level. Not even for a limited number of custom property fields. Simply NOT AT ALL.


HubSpot SalesHub is a commercial software and lacking the ability to even create a single calculated property is a nightmare. Especially, when this calculated property is workaround required to fix a truly missing standard feature as discussed here.


Manufacturers (as we are) in most cases sell their products not only to end customers directly but through resellers who receive a discount, i.e. a product that has a direct sales list price of 10.000€ will be displayed as 10.000€ in the Deals section and even worse, in the reports thus hiding that the NET Revenue to be expected is NOT 10.000€ but e.g. 7.500€ due to the reseller discount.


Having described the impact such a missing standard field has, I hope that HubSpot product management adds, e.g. 5 calculated properties to Professional since its the second highest license option. 


I am truly not asking for open and freestyle Custom SQL queries against the entire data warehouse or integration for statistical analytics or scientific formula editors - which HubSpot with all rights would add to Enterprise or as payable addons.


I am asking for elementary school math +-*/ and a limited number of calculation fields to work around missing standard functionaliy.


Kind regards


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I believe I need somthing similar.  Curently we are using PandaDocs because the HubSpot quotes are just not there yet.  We too are a manufacturer with list price and discounts for wholesale.  Idealy we want to quote list price(A) then a percentage discount(B) followed by a discount applied price(C= A*B).  After that we add in quanity and have a line item subtotal.  Our goal is to reduce sticker shock and show the value of choosing to carry our products wholesale. 

Our products have different percentage discounts so doing a flat discount after the subtotal will not work.  

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I cannot believe that this is an Enterprise only feature.  


More detail: 

The instances where I have seen this as a requirement is with sales pro. Both companies needed to calculate forecast when the close probability was not tied to a pipeline stage. Both companies allow the sales rep to set close probability on a deal and change that value as their sales progresses. I agree that this is not best practice sales management, but some companies work this way. 


How this feature helps Hubspot sell more product: 

It really depends on how agressively, Hubspot wants to compete against other CRMs. We have been able to sell CRM because of leverage from Marketing installations. For CRM only sales and conversions from other CRMs, this capability is a must for many prospects. 

- Dave

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@dorecchio & @Arne We have enterprize and I don't see it.  This is a feature HubSpot needs to make.  Don't think you are missing out just because you are not on the highest price point SalesHub plan. 


This would be a great feature to automate quoting and properly report on forcasting and sales.  


I've spoken to our sales guy at HubSpot and PandaDocs and neither are taking it seriously.  These tech service companies just don't build features for manufacturers in their launch pad products.  Our requests are always on the later development list.  

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Hi @LizO if you have enterprise, go to settings, then properties, then create a new field and select the calculation field type. 


If you do the same on Pro, you see the lock icon with the opportunity to speak to sales. 



Completely agree - this feature should be available at the Marketing PRO level. 

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@dorecchio you are right I do see that in the enterprize version.  I agree, HubSpot should give the Pro level a limited number of these as a teaser.  


What I was talking about was a calculation for a property under products not a deal property.  I'm looking for an automatically calulated product property that will display in its own colunm on the pricing table in a quote.  Must be the wrong idea forum I guess.  

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Allow us to change the amount  property to a calculated property. Deal Workflows + Calculated Properties do not allow you to update the total amount. The only way to update amount is using products.


Agreed I just hit a wall on our setup for it, up to the point I'm considering doing a calculation integration to allow me to summerize some very simple data my sales guy wants on the company page. It's accessible elsewhere but I can't justify tripling the cost per annum/month for the ability to add stuff:|






I'm in the same boat. And we were mislead to believe that we could have features like this during the purchasing process. It's unacceptable that this isn't a feature. Basic Excel sales reports with expected revenue are a feature of every other CRM.


This seriosuly needs to be added to the top of the priority list for HubSpot.  Having to double the monthly cost of our subscription to add a field that will perform a simple calculation so our integration with PandaDoc will work the way we need is unexceptable.  I just got done chatting with a support specialist who recommended I use webhooks to accomplish what I need to do and after doing some research webhooks are also not an option without the enterprise subscription.  Please give the pro version a stepping stone to enterprise and add calculated fields a paid addition just like the advanced reporting feature.


Calculated fields

as well as OR filter. 


Give me one of them. 

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Hi team!

Commenting for a customer here (:

I love how we have a much stronger and functional custom report builder. However, with this, I also see an increase in customers wishing for simple calculations to be done on certain of their columns in reports. While they can definitely export into excel to perform these calculations, it would be enormous if we can build them into the tool on HubSpot.

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Yes! I would LOVE to see report-level calculations!

Where I can take one column, multiplied by the next, and receive a percentage in the report without creating a custom field. Taking HS reporting to the level of a  BI tool. 



The fact that HubSpot limits calculated properties might be the prime reason not to use them. I am using it, but I would consider switching to a bet err system if I find one!