Add calculated fields to HubSpot Pro level

I was shocked when I had to find out that simple +-*/ fields are not included in HubSpot Pro level. Not even for a limited number of custom property fields. Simply NOT AT ALL.


HubSpot SalesHub is a commercial software and lacking the ability to even create a single calculated property is a nightmare. Especially, when this calculated property is workaround required to fix a truly missing standard feature as discussed here.


Manufacturers (as we are) in most cases sell their products not only to end customers directly but through resellers who receive a discount, i.e. a product that has a direct sales list price of 10.000€ will be displayed as 10.000€ in the Deals section and even worse, in the reports thus hiding that the NET Revenue to be expected is NOT 10.000€ but e.g. 7.500€ due to the reseller discount.


Having described the impact such a missing standard field has, I hope that HubSpot product management adds, e.g. 5 calculated properties to Professional since its the second highest license option. 


I am truly not asking for open and freestyle Custom SQL queries against the entire data warehouse or integration for statistical analytics or scientific formula editors - which HubSpot with all rights would add to Enterprise or as payable addons.


I am asking for elementary school math +-*/ and a limited number of calculation fields to work around missing standard functionaliy.


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I believe I need somthing similar.  Curently we are using PandaDocs because the HubSpot quotes are just not there yet.  We too are a manufacturer with list price and discounts for wholesale.  Idealy we want to quote list price(A) then a percentage discount(B) followed by a discount applied price(C= A*B).  After that we add in quanity and have a line item subtotal.  Our goal is to reduce sticker shock and show the value of choosing to carry our products wholesale. 

Our products have different percentage discounts so doing a flat discount after the subtotal will not work.