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Add automation to route Conversations to the correct Inbox

It would be great if we could be able to route incoming conversations to a particular inbox based on a contact property. Here is an example:


I have a generic contact form on my site with a question that lets the user specify why they're contacting us: 

  • Talk to sales
  • Get support
  • Other inquiries

I'd like to use that user's input to then route the incoming conversation to the appropriate inbox (Sales, Support, General).


Currently, a form can only be connected to a single inbox, which doesn't help when multiple teams are using the Inbox feature. Also, using a workflow to submit an Internal email notification to a shared inbox connected to the Conversation inbox (e.g. will not work as the reply-to address for the new converation will be a HubSpot no-reply email address.

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With the SLA option specified for each inbox, it would be essential to have the ability to route a conversation to different inboxes.

For example, customers with "Enterprise" subscriptions, should go to the Enterprise Inbox with a higher SLA.

While other customers with lesser SLA subscriptions, should go to the a different Inbox with a lower SLA.


+1 for sure.


Idea shares the same rationale.