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How about having the option of choosing the association i.e deal that this call was made in regard to, once the "log a call" page layout appears in the mobile app? There can be multiple deals associated with the same contact and associating the calling activity to the right deal will create a way to track the activity on that particular deal. Making a call from the contact profile of the app, records the calling activity under the contact page. We would like to be able to add the calling activity in the relevant deal page instead. I know there is an option to choose "associations" under the relevant deal and choose the contact and call through that profile, to log the activity in the deal page instead (in the desktop version). However, the problem arises when the sales agent is unable to remember the name of the deal, but he MOSTLY remembers the name of the contact and searches under the contact directly. We are very particular around monitoring calling activity across each of the relevant deal, to track/manage the activity of the sale agent, and this will be very handy in the case of having different deal owners. 

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I find it strange that when you log a call from the contact via the desktop that it automatically link it to open deals. 

However when you do this from the app it does not and you can't even change it. 


For us its crucial that a call with a contact is linked to the open deal and can't imagine that more sales rep have this problem.


Totally Agree


Agreed, with website version automatically assigning activity to an open deal, it is clearly a worthwhile feature, so to not have this happen within the app makes no sense (or even have the ability to manually do this/edit). We have sales reps who balance time on the road and in the office, so to have different processes for them to follow, depending on what they're using, opens up a lot of opportunity for error. Not to mention, to have to manually link activity when actioned through the app, at a later date, adds to much waisted time, and it's very easy forget to do this. This is really impacting our sales team's effeciency and their ability to do their job.


very important for us, pls prio this


Every sales rep sees this as an issue. It is highly needed to see the made calls on company level as well!
Every sales rep will not come here and upvote, you might just ask around to find that this is a no-brainer.

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+1! It would be helpful to log calls to associated company records automatically when using the mobile app to call a contact

Status updated to: In Planning
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Hey all - we will be looking at how calls are associated with contacts, companies, deals in more detail next year.

Question - in addition to associations, what else would you like to do once you wrap up a call on your mobile device?


Yes, it would be great to know my sales reps, who are on the road a lot, could call from the app and it log with everything we have associated the client with. So if they use the app to call, it associates with the company, the client, AND the deal. Right now, it only associates with the client and company (even though the deal is associated to both client and company). I can change it manually from my computer but it's hard to track down which specific client was called, and will take time between several sales reps making many calls. The deal page, for us, is the most crucial page for it to be on. This would not only be efficient for sales reps but also sales ops.


We would like calls made through the mobile app to associate with deals - at the moment we get associations from calls made and logged through the browser, but calls made through the mobile app are missing unless we manually associate them, which is painful.


Totally agree - it is crucial for us to associate calls to deals and contacts (company great too), but with the app there is no option to do this.  What a functionality fail.  Please fix this Hubspot; it effects too many reports and automation functions on the pipeline that are based around last customer activity.  Sales spend their time on the road, they need to log calls on their phone, this was made by someone who only ever uses desktops.. for a sales function it is severly lacking.