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Add/associate form submission activity with deal along with contact

Submitting this idea that would allow a form submission activity to be automatically associasted with a deal. At the moment, the form submission activity only appears on the contact record, and would be great if you could have the activity also show up on other associated records as well, either manually or automatically. 

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Yes, please add this feature as this is a critical record to be included on the deal activity tab. 


We really need this function for our organization - we use this to collect surveys, build relationships through events. Hubspot is a CRM and it is wild to me that this really dire request is couple of years old and not addressed yet. Do we have a timeline at the very least?


Please add this feature. We see this as a critical key for our productivity and success. 


Please add this feature. Key information from the form should be able to be viewed within a deal instead of clicking around trying to find it.


This would indeed be very helpful for setting up our "Aftersales pipeline" for spares and services. 


Is there any plans to implement this @hubspot ?


Please add this feature as its vital for the flow of our sales process. How will i know if my request has been noted and processed?


I have found a workaround that works for me now. I showed this to a HubSpot rep and it would appear they hadn't considered doing it this way. Here is how I do it. 

1) When web forms are completed, I receive email notification of the web form and a new deal. That is a straightforward workflow I set up in the very beginning. At this point, a new "deal" exists in HS. 

2) In Outlook for Mac (I have the old version... don't get me started on a tangent:)), I open the "deal" email, and with the HubSpot add-in activated, I associate the form I received via email with the deal. You must know what the deal is called. We use a nomenclature where every deal created as a result of a web form will be called "Website submission...". Also, your email will give you the name of the deal, company name, and contact name (assuming those are part of your form).  Simply associate the form with the deal.


It's a shame we can't automate this, but it's a work-around that works for me.


Good luck, everyone!