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Add/associate form submission activity with deal along with contact

Submitting this idea that would allow a form submission activity to be automatically associasted with a deal. At the moment, the form submission activity only appears on the contact record, and would be great if you could have the activity also show up on other associated records as well, either manually or automatically. 

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This is something that is very much needed.  Having the ability to have form submission data on a deal is a huge time saver.  Having to go back to a contact card and hunt down a form submission, or look through all the submissions on a form, is very counter productive. All of the information needs to be available in one place for easy acces.


Yes, why is this still not a feature.  It seems most natural so we can automate our registration/payment process. 


Any update to this? Seems like a really popular suggestion, which I've now added an up vote to aswell!


It's strange that it isn't linked.

The fact that it isn't is creating major confusion within our sales/deal pipeline as the form submission is either the trigger for their initial contact, or makes up an important stage within the pipeline.


@hubspot please provide an update urgently.


This would be a great feature! Currently it's very inefficient to create a workflow for every field on these forms into deals 😞


Still in the works? I'm new to Hubspot and assumed that this would just be a given. For now I'm automating copying fields from a form into duplicate fields in the deal to make it easy for my sales reps to see the information they need. 


Im not sure if I've missed something here. If hubspot doesn't have this feature as described, what is the suggested flow to do RFI/Discovery and connect it automatically to the deal? Asking customers the necessary questions in order to generate a quote is a fundamental element of a huge percentage of sales pipelines. At a guess a majority of companies that uses Sales CRM probably have to ask their customers questions in order to generate a quote. It seems incomprehensible to me that Hubspot wouldnt have this, so perhaps there's a flow that Im missing here. Any advice would be welcome. 


I think it would be very useful!


This is a bit of a dealbreaker for me.. Seems silly that we can link forms to contacts and companies but not to deals. Should be an easy addition, no?

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Upvoting this. YES PLEASE

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Upvoting. This will let end-clients update deal info via forms


Yes! We want to see different application forms and reporting forms attached to the same deal. Also to use submission of forms to push deals forward in the pipeline.


Please add this feature! Any update on this?


Upvote. Please add this.


I'm really keen to see this functionality added too


I'd also love to see this.


We could really use this seemingly logical "feature". I was told today that this is a popular idea, yet it's clear something has yet to be done about it in 2.5 years. It seems intuitive that when a workflow creates a deal when someone fills out a form on your website, that you can go to that deal record and view the form contents that created the deal in the first place.  Am I missing something? 


This is absolutely needed, as currently we fill manually our client forms in order to prepare engagement letter signing and invoicing. If we could link those forms to the corresponding deals on HubSpot all info would be filled in the form automatically and save valuable time.


I'm surprised this is a feature request at this point. I would think that would have been implemented early on as a "must have" absolutely essential feature. A form submission is just another form of interaction between a lead and the company. Why would any kind of interaction be excluded from being associated with a deal? I'm not getting it. Either way, I just realized this is not an option and my flow is completely stuck. Now I have to tell my sales people that they're supposed to copy the information manually in the deal and they're going to look at me with wide eyes 😕


Given the number of replies stating how critically useful this feature would be, and the original request date from 2021, I'm wondering why this hasn't been addressed? This is absolutely needed and hindering our ability to use Hubspot effectively. 


Can someone from Hubspot please address when this will be resolved?