Add and Remove Modules in Email Builder

As a previous Eloqua user (not saying I liked Eloqua by any means) I used to have the ability to add or remove modules from an email when building in the email creator. I find it a little annoying that I have to build a template if I need to swap or add/remove a simple module from my email. I feel there should be a master template options that allows you the freedom to add/remove/swap a moule as you please once you've hit the "create email" button. 

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My ad firm has been frustrated with the same thing. We want to create one template with multiple rows that would account for lots of different layouts. Use that as a master template, then in the email builder delete and/or duplicate rows (modules), and re-order them up and down the email as needed. The workflow currently exists in the landing page builder, but not for emails. Customer service has told us there is no way to do this currently? If we have to clone, then edit a template for every single new email that gets created across dozens of clients, it's not a "template," and we'll have to continue directing our clients to use a different company until this feature is added.

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This problem makes it very difficult to move from Mailchimp to Hubspot when sending emails and newsletters. We have a monthly newsletter that is sent out to clients with a standard template layout that we follow. One HUGE issue is that I have the entire newsletter content/copy in place and then someone might want to include something extra (outside of the normal template) for just that month and there is no way to add an additional module to the email. We can add that section to the template and then create an email from that template again but then you lose ALL of your content and have to start over when it was nearly completed.

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 This is a no-brainer, and it's very confusing why this is not already in place. It doesn't seem to be a difficult change - adding support for boolean and choice field control modules in the email builder would solve this. We also need this so that we can move away from custom-coding each email and into a more efficient, templatized workflow. Hubspot, please implement this. Soon.

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I'd like to add my support to this idea. We're making some tweaks from email to email and having to make a different template just to (for example) swap two blocks is a pain.

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I completely agree. We are moving from MailChimp to HubSpot and being able to very quickly add and remove content blocks would be a HUGE improvement. The people I work with do not know code and having a MailChimp style drag and drop type interface would be wonderful. 

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Completely agree, we've recently changed from mailchimp to Hubspot and this seems a very basic functionality that should be incorporated. It's available in most email providers and it's baffling that this is not available in Hubspot.

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Completey agree. I am managing more than 100 users from different countries. Currently I have to maintain > 5 templates per language (e.g. english template 1, english template 2, english template 3 ....). Instead I would prefer to just offer an english master version containing "all modules" and have the user decide which modules to use in her/his email.

The Design Manager already works like this (delete/clone modules within  tempalte). Why not the email editor??? 

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 agree I want to throw my support behind this to. Seams completely illogical to me that this isn't the way it works. 

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I wholeheartedly agree. The email designer is very inflexible without the ability to amend modules. I cannot understand why this isnt a standard feature

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To all looking for this feature: it's been added (in a limited capacity) with the new design manager beta, via the new boolean field. You can add html blocks and just contain them with this field, and then creators will have the ability to turn these code blocks on and off within the email creator. They still can't rearrange them (why?!) but they can enable/disable them, which is a start.