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Add anchor link to button

I am aware that we can add anchor links to CTAs as outlined here and that there is a solution of using the header ID and # in the inputted URL however for those that don't have code experience and do not want to use a CTA it would be great if we gave this option as we do here. 


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May 28, 2021 11:29 AM

Thanks for confirming! I will check into this.

Being Reviewed
May 25, 2021 05:13 PM

Hi everyone,


We are reviewing this idea internally. I'm curious from the folks that have expressed interest in this: are you mainly hoping to add anchors to your CTAs on HubSpot pages? Or would you also want to add anchors for CTAs that are embedded on non-HubSpot pages?




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+1.  We can add it on non-mobile to a button, works fine.  It doesn't work at all on mobile.  Tapping the button does nothing on mobile.


I'd like this too please. I'd like to add a jump down to x in buttons. I did it now by adding a #hs_cos_wrapper_widget_[ID], but not nice

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It's 2024 now and this idea has 82 upvotes, CTA's have been rebuilt since the original comment, why can't we do a scroll to id link in CTAs (you could even just have a CSS selector so IDs aren't even necessary), In a lot of cases the main call to action is to fill out the form at the bottom of the page, I want to be able to track clicks, do ab testings etc, but I don't want ugly page refreshes.
This should be super simple to implement!