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Add an 'OR' option to Filters in Views Reports

When you use filters to create a contact, company or deal view - or when using filters in creating a custom report - there should be an option for OR instead of just AND like the list functionality on the marketing side. That way you can build reports/views off of multiple factors, for example: this date field OR this date field OR this date field is equal to this month. 


Right now, it's only AND functionality on the views and report building tools. 

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I want second this request.



This is a huge problem. It's the quintessential example of a "feature" that is really a "bug". Anyway, adding my +1 to this black hole that is the "Hubspot Ideas" forum 🙂 Back to Workflows to try and create another hack. 😕

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Actually, This "OR" option is much needed in contacts, deals and companies. Tons of our reports depends on this " OR" action only.


Yea, the lack of this feature is hindering our ability to create custom dashboards that work for us.


Another "simple yet essential" feature HubSpot is missing.


Agree with Saper, very surprised that an OR filter is unavailable as a standard reporting option.
Please add Hubspot at your earliest convenience. 




I've just found out if you create a custom report and say it is cross object (even if you only want one object i.e. contacts) then the filters have both AND and OR capabilities!


It doesn't solve people's view filter issues but is helping me with my reports!


Paul D


Indeed, this is a serious flaw. 


It would make like so much easier if Or was also an option when creating reports. This really should be out of the box fucntionality



This is incredibly important. It's crazy that you can't do this already.


Following. +1 on need for "Or" filter in reports. We just upgraded so I'm just now playing with this and might be missing something obvious? Wild that this wouldn't be default..? 


Yep!  I'll add my +1 to this also.  HUGE reporting hinderance.  I need to create multiple reports with a single value where if I had the "Or" function and the ability to nest "And" + "Or" conditions I could create a single, very intuitive report.


Same here, we need it bad 🙂


How is this still a thing? AND/OR functions are basic necessities for custom reporting.


please, please, please ADD OR LOGIC


This feature exists in some custom reports of the sales-analytics tool. For example when editing the won/lost report, it is possible to have a conversion probability of 0 OR 1 in this particular report. It uses the list filter feature "one of". So under the hood it seems to work, hubspot is just not exposing this in the standard custom reports. Sounds very strange to me and I would strongly request to deliver this to the public asap. Screenshot 2021-05-18 at 16.15.58.png


Much needed here too !

How can "and" be the only option, it does not make sense ?!


We are in need of this as well. We would especially like to be to be able have the same filtering options as the Custom Reports Builder (e.g. the date filtering options) WITHIN VIEWS. That way we can create tasks & enroll in sequences based on the filters from within the view.

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OR filters are also needed for Custom Analytics views. 


We have a client whose website has a technical support section for existing customers and also a knowledge base section. They want to create a custom analytics view that excludes users who viewed either of these sections of their website, so they can get a better idea of traffic levels from new visitors, not existing customers. 


But we only have AND functionality available. So we can't exclude sessions that only visited one of these sections of the website. It only lets us exclude users who viewed both. 


Either expanding the options available or enabling us to set rules via REGEX, would massively improve our ability to filter and segment traffic analytics data. 


Since GDPR, the discrepancies between HubSpot and Google Analytics traffic data have grown. We see far less data in GA now because it is switched off as soon as users decline cookies. We want to use HubSpot as our main source of truth, but it is missing features like the OR function and generally has only limited types of filters we're able to set up.

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Hi there - OR conditions are available in filters if you use the new custom report builder. 


1) Go on filters

2) Add filters

3) Click on `include data if it matches`

4) Select custom filter rules and play with AND/OR logic