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Add active Lists to Campaign

Please consider adding active lists to campaigns! This will help us evaluate the ongoing campaign performance rather than a point-in-time (such as with the use of the static lists).

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September 29, 2023 05:34 AM

Hi everyone, 


Whilst this announcement is not directly linked to the association with 'active lists', we have made exciting improvements to the way 'static lists' can be added to campaigns:


  1. We have removed the 'static list' limit of 5. You can now add more than 5 'static lists' to your campaigns.
  2. All associated 'static lists' will now also appear in the 'Assets' tab on the Campaigns details page.
  3. You can now filter your campaigns by 'number of lists'. Please note that this numeric filter is available for all other asset types too.

[Coming soon]: You will be able to add a static list to your respective campaigns directly from within the Lists tool. 

We are still looking into the association with 'active lists' and I will provide an update once we have started the work. 


With best regards,

Jenny Mueller 

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March 27, 2023 10:02 AM

Hi everyone,

Thanks for everyone who filled in the mini-survey within the last few weeks.
As we are getting closer to the implementation of helpful lists improvement features (inside and outside of Campaigns), we would like to understand more about your way of using lists.


We're looking for feedback from users like you who can help us understand:

  • How you are currently using (static) lists within Campaigns 
  • How associating active lists with a Campaign would be beneficial 
  • How you are using or planning to use lists to determine your Campaign performance
  • What metrics you are interested in when reviewing your lists performance (inside and outside of Campaigns)
  • What performance metrics matter most when evaluating the performance of a segment over a period of time
  • And much more.

If you have feedback to share and are interested in an interview, we would love to speak to you. We are currently offering availability in 2 weeks in April: 

  • Date: April 13-28
  • Length: 45 minutes
  • Location: Remote, via Zoom


Here is a link to my calendar. 
The interview will be led by a wider Product team, including myself. 

If you are interested, please find a date and time that works for you - once you confirm your information, we’re all set. 

Please note that by participating in this research study, you acknowledge and agree to HubSpot's User Research Participation Agreement


I am looking forward to your reply! 

Any other questions/ comments/ feedback, feel free to reach out anytime (preferrably via direct message). 



Jenny Mueller

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October 14, 2022 06:54 AM

Hi everyone,


My name is Jenny Mueller and I am the Product Manager of Campaigns at HubSpot. 
So that we can find the best solution for you, we are interested to understand more about your request and would appreciate your help by filling out this quick mini survey

Thanks for your feedback.




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100% - we use this for webinars to easily create our No Show and Attended list based on the Static Registered List. It would be great if these were a part of the campaign so they are also duplicated for each new webinar.


Hi Jenny & Hubspot Team,

Does it look like 'active lists as an asset in campaigns' will be on the Hubspot roadmap at some stage? Really keen to get this up and running in our instance? 

Many thanks!

Amy Brennan


Why Dynamic lists can't be added to campaigns? it's weird...

Any emailing tool with dynamic segmentation has that (it's kind of an expected basic...).


When is it going to be available ? (message date is Sept 29, 2023).




No tiene sentido que solo podamos poner como recurso las listas estáticas, no tiene sentido para un proceso inbound!!! es urgente que agreguen Listas Activas como un recurso de campaña para poder centralizar la data y hacer analisis de la eficiencia de una campaña!!!


It's been almost 4 years... and this feature request is still in review/pending, and Hubspot is still asking the users how we use this? Are you guys even using your own product? 

Colaborador | Partner nivel Elite

Would be a great asset if Active Lists can be added as well. We use almost only active lists for campaigns.