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Add active Lists to Campaign

Please consider adding active lists to campaigns! This will help us evaluate the ongoing campaign performance rather than a point-in-time (such as with the use of the static lists).

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We could use active lists to see the overall effect of submissions for our webinar during spring and summer.

We cannot add static liste every week.




We are launching either Zoom or GoToWebinar here shortly. Running some testing right now for both and the inability to add an active list to a campaign is an issue. We can add the landing page as an asset so we can get "submissions" this way but the active lists we have built for Registrants, Attendees and No Shows cannot be added. Unless we create a workflow of course to add contacts from those active lists to static lists. Not hard to do, just seems super unnecessary, redundant and clutters up HubSpot with unneccesary lists and workflows when simply adding an active list would do justice.


Alternatively we could create Static lists after the fact and then add to the campaign, but it would be nice to see Registrants filter in as the campaign goes on.


Yes I totally agree.  Many of the metrics aren't static such as more people requesting information and so that number can continually climb as opposed to being set at a specific point and time!

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Excellent idea, just wanted to add it to the forum myself.


I want this for ALL campaigns, not just Hubspot campaigns but any campaign being tracked in Hubspot with a UTM code that you can find in the Traffic Analytics reports.


Agree ! I need this feature as well to check on number of participants to my Livestorm webinar. 


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On behalf of a customer, they are wanting to be able to add active form submission lists as campaign assets. This would save time, reduce room for error, etc.

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Hey! Agreed, this would be an ideal functionality for our marketing & BDMs to be able to track active sign ups to events via the campaign dashboard, as well as post-event  🙏


Yes please! this would definately make our lives so much more easy!


Totally agree with this. And it just helps manage everything in one place. A lot of times we're planning in advance so if the active list isn't connected, it might get lost in the shuffle. To add this to campaigns instead of just static would be amazing.