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Add ability to bulk set labels on associations

Hey team! RE this feature


We would like to be able to set labels on associations in bulk. For example, we would like to use a workflow to enroll contacts > if/then branch checks if the contact has a certain contact property value set > if yes > action > set 'label' on associated company.


This would save the user time. The current workaround is to create a list of those contacts. Then host into their associated company manually and set the association label. One by one. This is very time consuming.


Thanks for your consideration!

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100% agree, for the larger clients that we work with, manually setting a contacts association label on a deal is too time-consuming. We need to be able to set association labels in workflows. This will allow HubSpot users to split communications to separate customers based on their association label.


E.g: If a Contacts contact type, is a dealer, set their association label on all deals as a dealer




This would significantly ease some of the manual operations when associating individuals to deals.  While the deal associations are a great step forward in the product, some additional investment into this feature would really be a huge leap forward in the platform.


100% agree with this. We need this for contact/company association labels.


35,000 contacts, 11,000 companies... not possible to do it 1 by 1!


I would love this feature. We want to give tickets assocition labels based on pipeline.


Hey, that would be awesome, BUT, I do have another suggestion. 
Add so we can change the association type inside a workflow, whenever creating another object. 


I'm creating a Deal, from a contact workflow. 

I need this exact deal to be associated to the product "X", so I'm Setting the association "X" on the "create deal" action. 


That would be awesome because it makes me able to automate most of my work, plus, whenever changing the owner of said product from a workflow, I can set it to a specific label. 


100% agree.. This issue is even more painful if there are clients that have deals in multiple pipelines. Hoping HubSpot is able to add this functionality as a workflow action.


YES YES YES. We have 16'000 contacts and want to copy the property "role: SuperUser" and give them the associated label as 'SuperUser'. Can't wait for this to happen and be implemented!


Yes, please! We have thousands of contacts, and it'd take an inordinate amount of time to do this manually


+1 - not having the ability to bulk edit or create associations via workflows makes this feature somewhat useless for us at the moment....otherwise we'd always be three steps behind!


We definitely need this, as it takes time to update over 900 contacts one by one


Yes please, we need to be able to set association labels at create time. (Form submission) that is the contact associated at create time, needs a label right away to trigger a workflow to sent emails to the correct contact.....



@karien --  for your specific use case you've outlined here, do you need association labels at all? Can you just use the form submission as a trigger? Or if you'd like to only trigger automations for certain types of submissions, you can use conditional logic for form properties, or even just additonal enrollment criteria in the workflow?


+1 to this idea


+ 1, really important to manage contact communication. and customer journey. 

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Love the idea, upvoted.

But, you could use an export list, create a column "Associate Label" and put the name of the label , let say Manager.
You can do an Import that would update the records with the label.
Still cumbersome but way quicker instead of one on one....

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@Mink_Webs can you detail a bit the import option?

What kind of data you need to export to create an association label for contacts to deals (i.e., if you have 2 contacts associated to a deal, one is label1 and the other is label2)? When you export deals, for example, the associated contacts are all in a cell with ; between them, I assume you need to add in the same  way the associated labels? This still requires excel manipulation to look for a contact property and use it as association label at deal level. Thanks!

Later edit: found the knowledge base article that details this:


This is a very needed Idea, I know it is a pain for a lot of companies that want to make full use of association labels. 


@dsecareanu, yes that would still require Excel manipulation for each contact that you would like to add the association to. Then things get more complicated with multiple associations, multiple labels for those associations, and parent/child hierarchies. So even doing it by hand is kind of difficult, but probably better than trying to do it through the UI. 


I think a lot of companies are simplifying the way that they use labels to deal with this and not using them to their ful potential. But they can be super useful. 


Full disclosure, I work for Insycle, which can help with advanced association management, including updating associations+labels in bulk. Additionally can help manage multiple associations and parent/child hierarchies. 

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@RBozeman I've managed to do it through excel manipulation, but it required quite some work. I had to basically map deals with associated contacts by id's (vlookup) and then add association labels for each of these deal to contact associations (as I had the association label as a contact property). If a deal had multiple contacts, I had to break the id's and association labels into different columns and import them in several batches to map each column deal to contact to assoc label.

I've tried with Insycle (free trial) but for some reason it didn't want to work, I couldn't select the proper functions or fields in the association bulk operations. If you want we can try a screen share sometime to show you the issues I ran into (macos, chrome).


@dsecareanu I like it, creative! It does sound like quite a bit of work though. I would love to set up a screen share, I'll send you a DM. 


Need this ASAP please!