Add ability for Clickable Tables in the reports dashboard

It would be useful to have the ability to click into the data presented in tabels when viewing reports. For example, I want to look at all of our First Conversions in a table, I have the ability to look at the names but cannot click to see the contacts who converted.

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Yes please.

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Please implement to make reporting easier. Thanks!

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This can be very helpful. Thank you! 

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This would be great for reporting purposes!

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Yes Please!


Reporting overall needs to be a little more robust. This would definitely be a good start! 

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This feature would be very helpful for drilling into detail even if it just takes you to the view.  ideally all data reported in table views etc would be able to be drilled into.

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I feel like it's a critical requirement to be able to see what the data is behind ANY report, to verify validity, to gain insight, to gain access to quick details.  There isn't any way at all to see who is in the report - which makes the graph beautiful but largely useless.   It's more like a tabulation of counts, currently, and falls short.  But there's SO MUCH POTENTIAL.  

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