Add a 'wait up to' time delay for workflows

This is a very good feature of the often baffling Pardot, with which you can set if/then branches to have a 'wait up-to 'x' days' delay, with the contact passing through as soon as complete rather than waiting for the fixed period of time to pass.

The only way around this that I can see is by having a series of convoluted workflows that take contacts from the workflow based on criteria such as has clicked link, refined by between certain times/dates.


There are many useful applications for this, but it is is especially useful for things such in-workflow re-targeting emails, say for those who click, but do not download - so they can be sent a timely (eg next day) follow up reminder email, rather than having to enter a different workflow or everyone having to get it at the same time, regardless of initial engagement. 



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Hey @JoeDavies have you tried adding a 'Delay' action after the IF/THEN branch? If so, can you explain why this did not help you acheive your goal?

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Esteemed Contributor | Gold Partner

Hi there, thanks for your reply, this is because contacts would pass the IF/THEN branch straight away - yet might complete the action a day or two later once already past the branch - as contacts often open emails a day or so later than is received, but would then have already passed this action, and I wouldnt want to hold people that complete it straight away to compensate. Know what I mean?


How about adding a delay? Before this IF/THEN? Perhaps even try using two IF/THEN in a row?

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Using IF/THEN before or after a delay or even in succession does not fulfill the use case of this idea.

Having the option to "Wait Until..." a specific action or change in data occurs is a key component missing to Hubspot's marketing automation which can be found in other systems such as Marketo or Act-On.


We had a scenario recently, where we wanted to set up notifications for sales users if a targeted account visited a specific page after 30 days of no engagement. We could not find a way to do this as the filtering and refinement in Hubspot doesn't currently lend itself to creating a statement like "Associated company property last time seen is greater than or equal to 30 days ago" and the "last page seen is X url" because once the action of viewing the page takes place the 30 days ago timeframe become null and void and the time resets. Using a workflow with If/Then branches doesn't work either, since the list would be a smart list for enrollment, and once the page view takes place the "clock" for last time seen will reset.