Add a redirect after booking a Meeting


It would be useful to have a feature in the Meetings tool that allows you to redirect the visitor to a URL or a custom Thank you page after filling in the Meetings.
In my opinion, the "booking confirmation" is useful but being able to redirect the visitor to another URL after X seconds would provide a better experience for him/her.



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Status updated to: Delivered
Dec 2, 2019

Hi Community! 


Meetings custom redirects are now live in all customer portals. You can see how this works here




Nov 19, 2019

We are in beta now, and about 30% of portals will see this live in their settings today. More information on how this looks here:


If you'd like to make sure you have access, please send me a direct message and I can ungate specific Hubs this week.




Nov 15, 2019

We are now moving forward rolling this beta out to all customers. It is currently out to 15% of HubSpot portals. We will continue to ungate customers in the next several days. Here is some documentation on the functionality:


If you would still like early acces, you can still message me directly and I will ungate your team as soon as I can get to it.

Have a great weekend all!


- Glen

Oct 3, 2019

We have fixed a bug in the beta that was causing embedded meetings to redirect within the iframe. Embedded meetings will now redirect the entire page!

Sep 20, 2019

Thanks everyone who has been participating in the beta this first week.

We've gotten some feedback already from folks submitting this form, and please continue to do so if you have any issues or ideas!


One that I'd like to call out is that there has been some unexpected behavior in how the redirect works for embedded meeting links. They are currently redirecting within the iframe. We will resolve this during the beta before this feature rolls out to users, but I'd like to call it out here so that you all know about this issue!


We will resolve this next week!

Status updated to: In Beta
Sep 13, 2019

Hi Community! 


Happy Friday!


We are now in beta for the meetings redirect after booking a meeting! This feature is available to all paid seats in meetings (Starter, Professional & Enterprise).


If you would like to participate, you can message me directly with your HUB ID and the best email address to reach you. I will be able to provide your team with this feature, and we will actively look for feedback to continue making improvements to the experience.  Please message me directly instead of replying to this thread to be sure that I can include you in the beta!


Aug 15, 2019

Hi Community!


Quick update -- 

We plan to be in development with an initial fix in the coming weeks. We'll then move this to a beta, in which I'll provide instructions here for how to get access. This beta will focus primarily on the ability to redirect to any external or hubspot page of your choice!


I should have more news in the next couple of weeks for timing of the beta. Smiley Happy


- Glen

Jul 23, 2019

@Kasim still TBD on packaging tier, but I will update here as soon as I know.

Status updated to: In Planning
Jul 23, 2019

Hi Community!


We are planning to add the ability to redirect link to the booking process. We now have this planned into our roadmap and will be in development on the fix in the coming weeks.


When a booking a meeting, you will be able to send contacts to a webpage of your choice.


With this update, we hope to provide the ability for you to add tracking like GTM, Google Ads, Facebook Pixel, etc. to your pages for your campaigns. This will also allow you to better customize the booking process to reflect your brand experience.


After this update, I will continue to monitor this request for any adjustments or additions needed to this feature.

Jul 2, 2019

Thank you everyone who has reached out! I've got a calendar full of calls to talk through this with many of you. I will update again once we've progressed further.

Jun 28, 2019

Thank you all for the feedback and suggestions on this idea!


We are currently investigating solutions to the issues and ides surfaced in the thread. There are important needs for campaign tracking (e.g. Google Tag Manager) as well as user experience (e.g. redirecting to a new page).


If anyone would like to speak with me directly about your team's use case it will help us greatly in defining the problems to solve. Please message me directly if you would like to schedule a time to discuss.

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Austin, yes that would be great. 


I'm still looking into this and expect to come up with some kind of solution in the very near future. (weeks not months)


- Austin


Yes, we can't even use Hubspot meetings until this feature is available as we rely greatly on Google Adwords conversion tracking.


 @LollipopRob @rollworks_abm I REALLY appreciate the code, but I can't seem to figure out how to use it with Google conversion tracking as that relies on a trigger based on a page visit URL in GTM, but your code seems to necessitate a "conversion tracking code." Does someone know how to currently obtain one for Google conversion tracking? 


Make this happen HubSpot. We can redirect people to a thank you page or an up-sell.


Need this desperately. Can someone tell us why it's so hard to prioritise? Doesnt' seem like a tricky thing to do.


We desperately need this feature as well. Commenting so I can be updated regarding the status of this idea. 


Will also try editing the suggested code to see if anything can work. 


Another possible idea woud be for HubSpot to publish an article on how to track without the redirect? Obviously it will vary case to case but at least a framework would be helpful. 


This seems like it should be such low hanging fruit for delivering meanigful product updates that wouldn't be challenging from a development perspective. I can't fathom a single reason this doesn't already exist with multiple threads, dozens of upvotes, and dozens of comments about it. 


HubSpot, please DELIGHT us!

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so ridiculous that a large company like Hubspot doesn't have this feature; conversion tracking is marketing 101. In fact conversion tracking is why digital marketing is superior to offline/traditional marketing. Not having this kills the purpose of doing inbound marketing in the first place.

We had to implement a workaround with Calendly and Zappier. (Calendly for people to book demos, then zapier connects Calendly to Hubspot to record a form submission). Thanks to this, we're less in a rush for this feature add but if I was in Hubspot's product or exec team I would find this situation highly embarassing. Given the lack of reponse and action from them, I can only wonder whether there is a hidden agenda here. Do they somehow benefit from this situation? Do they own Calendly? Zapier? Do people have to pay for other integrations (like we do!) to work around this in a way that they benefit despite such a huge product shortcoming? Only Hubspot has the answer. For the rest of us, we can just speculate and wait for their enlightment.




This will be super useful, so we can add a conversion code in a custom-made thank-you page. We're running advertising campaigns and need to know which ones converted to meetings.


That would be amazing. This is the ONLY reason why we do not use HS meetings now.

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This is imperative for any tracking of third party advertising. I can't optimise my Facebook/AdWords campaigns based on conversions as I can't tell them that a conversion has occurred. Please give this some priority
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I tested the methodology recommended by @Uthoocha and it worked for me. Thanks for sharing!


@designerjde I also spent some time today testing the recommended solution by @Uthoocha and was able to change the GA measurement for a pageview on our thank your page. 


Where this falls short, however, is with Facebook tracking. In my situation we want to create a custom conversion for a booked meeting, but since the page isn't being viewed (just the measurement changed), the FB pixel isn't firing and linking it back to a FB user to count as a conversion. 


If anyone knows how to trigger a facebook custom event from a webhook, that information would be useful. That's a bit outside of my tracking knowledge. Otherwise, we're still waiting for HubSpot to implement redirect functionality!


Please do this HubSpot, your customers will be incredibly delighted. Trying to implement a workaround is pretty complex and frustrating. 


This!! It's just so necessary. It's so key that I may consider not using hubspot altogether and just move to Calendly.



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This is mission critical for all paid ads. Any updates from the Hubspot team as to where this is with the pipeline? 


Echoing what others have said - we need this to be able to track conversions when someone books a meeting. It seems odd this doesn't already exist given the functionality is there for forms. 

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Adding my name for this feature.