Add a redirect after booking a Meeting

It would be useful to have a feature in the Meetings tool that allows you to redirect the visitor to a URL or a custom Thank you page after filling in the Meetings.
In my opinion, the "booking confirmation" is useful but being able to redirect the visitor to another URL after X seconds would provide a better experience for him/her.



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@glencornell Fantastic news! Can't wait for this to be rolled out. 

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Need to be able to track an event of meeting booked

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Definatly a must have! 

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Definetly requried feature - redirect to thank you page and option to track pageviews to check funnel in Google Analytics, like why people leave some pages before scheduling an appointment.

We prepared huge ad campaign for September events, with more than 20 sales, but I can't track conversions for traffic that I send to specific meetings.

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My solution to this until they deploy such feature



Let me know if any of you need assistance better understanding it

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Hi Community!


Quick update -- 

We plan to be in development with an initial fix in the coming weeks. We'll then move this to a beta, in which I'll provide instructions here for how to get access. This beta will focus primarily on the ability to redirect to any external or hubspot page of your choice!


I should have more news in the next couple of weeks for timing of the beta. Smiley Happy


- Glen

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Brilliant. Definitely interested in testing out the beta when it rolls out.

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Definitely want to beta test this

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I can't use your workaround because we use direct links to meetings from our Event page, so I cannot run GTM on those pages, and for us it will require to generate 20+ more pages for just specific action.


Looking to try beta asap

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@glencornell Eagerly waiting for this beta!