Add a redirect after booking a Meeting

It would be useful to have a feature in the Meetings tool that allows you to redirect the visitor to a URL or a custom Thank you page after filling in the Meetings.
In my opinion, the "booking confirmation" is useful but being able to redirect the visitor to another URL after X seconds would provide a better experience for him/her.



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This will be super useful, so we can add a conversion code in a custom-made thank-you page. We're running advertising campaigns and need to know which ones converted to meetings.

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That would be amazing. This is the ONLY reason why we do not use HS meetings now.

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This is imperative for any tracking of third party advertising. I can't optimise my Facebook/AdWords campaigns based on conversions as I can't tell them that a conversion has occurred. Please give this some priority
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I tested the methodology recommended by @Uthoocha and it worked for me. Thanks for sharing!

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@designerjde I also spent some time today testing the recommended solution by @Uthoocha and was able to change the GA measurement for a pageview on our thank your page. 


Where this falls short, however, is with Facebook tracking. In my situation we want to create a custom conversion for a booked meeting, but since the page isn't being viewed (just the measurement changed), the FB pixel isn't firing and linking it back to a FB user to count as a conversion. 


If anyone knows how to trigger a facebook custom event from a webhook, that information would be useful. That's a bit outside of my tracking knowledge. Otherwise, we're still waiting for HubSpot to implement redirect functionality!


Please do this HubSpot, your customers will be incredibly delighted. Trying to implement a workaround is pretty complex and frustrating. 

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This!! It's just so necessary. It's so key that I may consider not using hubspot altogether and just move to Calendly.

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This is mission critical for all paid ads. Any updates from the Hubspot team as to where this is with the pipeline? 

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Echoing what others have said - we need this to be able to track conversions when someone books a meeting. It seems odd this doesn't already exist given the functionality is there for forms. 

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Adding my name for this feature.