Add a redirect after booking a Meeting

It would be useful to have a feature in the Meetings tool that allows you to redirect the visitor to a URL or a custom Thank you page after filling in the Meetings.
In my opinion, the "booking confirmation" is useful but being able to redirect the visitor to another URL after X seconds would provide a better experience for him/her.



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This would be a great feature to add! For my company we have our meetings integrated onto our website and a redirect is how we track some of our conversions

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+1 we also need custom thank you page to track conversions in our campaigns

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100% this is needed asap! We need to be able to optimize media based on this conversion! 

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yes pleaSe!  this is so simple, so basic and this is at least the 3rd forum thread on this...

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I also need this feature! For better tracking of google analytics. Is there a plan for it?

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Ok since Hubspot really **bleep** on this thread...


actually figured it . out.

meetings act as forms now, forms can be a trigger in zapier.
create a meeting specifically for FB.
Then offline conversion send to fb from zapier.
Enjoy the work around.
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Please figure this out ASAP, this would be extremely useful and seems like a really easy fix!

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Here is the zap.


Created a calendar that is ONLY used for facebook ads landing pages.


Use that for the "form"


Screen Shot 2019-03-21 at 9.32.28 AM.png

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@MattPrados thanks for posting!  Looks like a viable workaround that I'd like to implement.

Quick question: by "calendar" do you mean:

(a) Google/Outlook calendar

(b) HubSpot Meeting instance with its own calendar settings

(c) Other?

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you can connect hubspot cal to what ever cal you use.


I dont really mention cal any where.


Meetings is the tool and there is a back end connection via that to our cal which is google cal.