Add a redirect after booking a Meeting


It would be useful to have a feature in the Meetings tool that allows you to redirect the visitor to a URL or a custom Thank you page after filling in the Meetings.
In my opinion, the "booking confirmation" is useful but being able to redirect the visitor to another URL after X seconds would provide a better experience for him/her.



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Can you consider implementing the facilty to redirect to a specified URL when a meeting has been booked.


EG. I can redirect to a landing page specific to a sales person that the meeting was booked for where i can pre-educate on the value of the meeting


This would be highly useful as the functionality exists in the regular Forms function, but not the Meetings - form questions, where many people would embed into their meeting booking pages on their website.


100 times yes to this feature request. We absolutely need the ability to fire an event or tag when a meeting has been successfully booked. 

Upon creating a meeting link, users should have the ability to either set their own redirect url OR fire an event.
This will allow us to tell our other systems (particularly PPC platforms) whether or not a lead has booked a meeting.
In turn we could then better attribute performance data to our PPC campaigns... i.e. we'd have the ability to see in the FB ad platform whether or not the clicks we're paying for turn into meeting booked...retarget leads who didn't book... or even optimize campaigns to the specific conversion event (meeting booked)

Please implement!


UPDATE: ACtually perhaps tracking is possible via the meeting form cookie? Would love clarification here

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i would love an answer to edplotts question regarding an event.



I would also like to know how to cookie users based on booked meetings. And I agree that a redirect button or a thank you page functionality is desperately needed.


 Yes - this is critical for us not only for tracking purposes but also to improve the quality of the scheduled call by including critical information on the thank you page.


This functionality is desperately needed.


This functionality is a must, it can provide a better experience for everyone.


Please Hubspot bless us with this feature 


 Can't track goals in Google Analytics without this!


Implementing this feature will allow our process to come together more effectively. This is huge for us!


In Hubspot, Meeting form submissions log like a Web form submission and show like (Meetings link:xxxxxxx) instead of the Form name.

We've set up a workflow that enrolls contacts who fill out the meeting form, this then does two things; one triggers a thank you email and two triggers a POST webhook to Zapier.

We then use a Zapier webhook zap to GA zap, to listen for the incoming POST webhook, which in turns fire a GA Page View Metric for our Thank you page URL into GA.

If you have a Goal set up for this URL destination, you will get a goal conversion. You many not get all the channel associated metrics and data, but you should have a true conversion rate.


@Uthoocha That's a great idea. Thanks for sharing! I am new to webhooks. What do you put for the webhook url in the workflow? Is this the thank you page you want to trigger the pageview for? (i.e.


@malloryfranz , You need to set up a Zapier account [ zapier dot com ].


Then create a new Zap.

For the first trigger use `Webhooks by Zapier` -> select `Catch hook` then -> view hook.

This will give you a webhook URL to enter into your HS workflow.

As the workflow completes it will trugger the hook and Zapier will be listening.


Then for your action, use Google Analytics zap -> select Create a Mesaurement -> connect your GA account -> fill in all the bits required like your, Account, Profile and Thank you page URL etc


Then test. This should fire a page view into GA for your Thankyou page causing a conversion.


After you've put the test live, book a test meetig to ensure your workflow fires and triggers the Webhook.


Echo-ing what others said - if possible, can you please implement this feature? 


The only reason I don't use the meeting's feature right now is because it can't redirect to a custom thank you page and therefore I can't track conversions from my facebook ad campaigns. 


Just to be clear - here's the exact functionality I'm looking for:




Exactly what we need! Please implement this feature and email me at


Please do add this feature as it will also be beneficial for Google Ads tracking.


I need this feature as well.  I need to track meeting conversions.  I'll probably have to stop using HubSpot meetings and use Calendly or other service for this.  Such a shame.  Seems like a basic feature.


This would be really helpful - I want to have a prospect book a meeting, then answer questions about what they need. I'd rather not do this before capturing the e-mail address.


We desperately need this feature for a couple of reasons... First, we need to be able to collect additional information after someone schedules and second, we need to track for conversions with PPC/ads. 


100% yes!!! I've migrated from Calendly after upgrading HubSpot (why pay for both?) and they had this. I miss this. I want to send them to my site not just a boring HubSpot page (no offense, HubSpot).