Add a "Tweet Later" Option to Retweets

Under Social Media Monitoring, after clicking on Retweet, whether I choose to do a Retweet or a Quoted Retweet, "Retweet Now" is the only option that currently exists. I'd like the option to Schedule the retweet at a later time. Instead of retweeting it right away. This option would add the retweet to my calendar at a date/time of my choosing.

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Add a "Tweet Later" Option to RetweetsCommunity Manager
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This is my number 1 issue with Hubspot right now.

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I agree, need to have other options when looking at Twitter streams to be able to schedule retweets! When is the going to be available!

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Definitely! This would really help me when I stumble upon something I want to retweet but need to choose a time to optimise it for a specific time zone/location.

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Yes - scheduling retweets is high on my list.