Add a "Password" field that is not saved in hubspot

Not being able to build a signup form in hubspot is a huge oversight. As a SaaS vendor we need to have our users sign up, and create a password in the process. This is one of the most important forms in our processes and we need to be able to take advantage of hubspots A/B testing features in order to optimise.


Why not add a field type "password" to hubspot form fields which:

  • entry can be hidden or made visible
  • field can be validated against a confirm pw field
  • can be processed via api to pass to a third party app
  • is NOT STORED in hubspot anywhere


Please add this to your road map, we have talked to several hubspot partners about this and all agree this is a huge omission on hubspot's part. We are aware that we could build a form outside of hubspot (this is usually offered as a solution to the problem here in the forums by hubspot staff) and pass the data into hubspot, but this is an unnecassary level of friction in our processes, requires a lot of additional resources, doesnt require rapid changes or optimisations and simply is not a desirable answer.


Hubspot is advertised as a tool suitable for SaaS companies. Being able to create a signup form with a password field should be part of this promise.


Thanks for your consideration!


Kind regards,


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Hey @robert1 ,


Thanks for the feedback! If I could make a recommendation; this post is perfect for the HubSpot Ideas Forum, which is where we monitor and aggregate feedback just like this. Is it alright if I move this post over to the Ideas Forum for better visibility?

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Hi @Derek_Gervais , yes please move it, thank you! I thought this was the right place to report.