Add a "Nickname" property for contacts

Stuart or Stu?  Richard or Rick? Jeffrey or Jeff?  Susan or Sue?

Often there is a difference between "first name" and "you can call me X".  It would be handy to have that information close at hand when making phone calls.

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Brilliant!  Is there anything more important than the words you say after 'Hi ..."?   Outlook has it as a field and iOS even recognises it when you say, "call Stu at Vanderlay Industries".  It's a feature most people don't know about, but would make interactions with HubSpot and our clients so much more personal.  Yes, please, HubSpot!   

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I would like to see a slight change to the information that is available on the top left portion of a contact page.

Right now there is a space for a picture and right below it is the person's name, as entered in the contact record.  The name only has space for the first and last name.  I would suggest adding the option for adding the nickname in this field so when I am on the phone with someone or drop them a note, I am aware that there is a nickname that they prefer to be referenced by.  If there is nothing in the nickname field, the name would appear as it does now, if there is a nickname,it  would appear in a (for my name) Stephen "Steve" Goldsmith format.  This will help me not accidently calling "Ted," Alfons or other such errors one could make.  Hope you can see the merit of and incorporate this change in the near future.

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This is a fantastic idea. When I'm reaching out to contacts by email or phone, it would be extremely helpful to know their full name and the name they prefer to go by. I regularly hunt through emails to find the name they go by to avoid different names being used in conversations or documents.

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Thank you for the idea! I agree that it would be useful to have a built in property for short name or nickname. In my previous position, the CRM had duplicates because of different use of full or short names or nicknames. In my new company, I am building a CRM and want to ensure it is as clean as possible and set it up for success.