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I would like to be able to create a Workflow that basically says "If the contact is in Country X, Y or Z in Africa, then assign them to territory A. If they're located anywhere else in Africa, assign them to territory B." Right now I have to filter every possible country in Africa in order to know if they're on the continent or not.

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HubSpot Product Team

Hello @LeKevoid thanks for the post!


HubSpot currently has several default contact properties for IP location (see below), these are populated when a contact fills out a form (that has cookie tracking enabled) on your website. Continent is not pulled as it is very broad and is usually confirmed by the Country, you can of course create a custom contact property called 'Continent' and use it in a form or workflow. 


IP City - the city reported by the contact's IP address when they fill out a form. This is automatically set by HubSpot and can be used for segmentation and reporting.

IP Country - the country reported by the contact's IP address when they fill out a form. This is automatically set by HubSpot and can be used for segmentation and reporting.

IP State/Region - the state or region reported by the contact's IP address when they fill out a form. This is automatically set by HubSpot and can be used for segmentation and reporting.


You can use as enrollment and action criteria in Workflows and Smart Lists. For example you could create a workflow that uses IF/THEN logic as follows: IF contact's IP Country/State/City = X assign custom Continent X or HubSpot owner X (whatever suits your business process)


PLEASE NOTE: There will be a small portion of cases where HubSpot is either unable to retrieve IP location information or the information is incorrect, the reasons for this are beyond HubSpot's control. Keep in mind the following:


1. Contacts must submit a form with cookie tracking enabled or interact with (open or click) a HubSpot email to have an IP address associated with them.

2. The IP Country, IP State/Region, and IP City fields were added to HubSpot on January 17, 2014. Contacts created before that date without visits after that date will have no values for those three fields.

3. In some instances, HubSpot may not find a match for the geolocation properties against its databases. IP address location data can be spotty in certain areas of the world, so there will be instances in which HubSpot cannot find data for all three of these properties.


4. The visitor could be connecting to the internet through a VPN or another server which is located somewhere outside of their office.


5. The visitor's internet service provider may have redirected the traffic as a part of optimizing their service.

The visitor may be using browsing security software, which routes their traffic through another source so that they are removed from any threats on the web.


Another option is to use dependent form fields on a HubSpot form, whereby you set Country and dependent Regions for your contacts to select. 


If you have any questions in follow up to the above let me know. I"m going to mark this As Delivered, as these contact fields and options already exist with HubSpot forms, workflows and the CRM. 


Hello @roisinkirby and thank you for your answer ! 🙂


Yes, we are using the IP Country/State/City fields. Thank you for confirming that the info may sometimes be inaccurate, I had my doubts but I did want to confirm the limits of this functionality. Fortunately we only use those IP locators in cases where we can afford that margin of error.

That being said, I'm aware that it's possible to create a workflow that filters countries and assigns a continent accordingly. It's just that I think you understand that filtering some 250 countries in a series of if-then-else's can be a bit cumbersome, without mentionning that some countries may have more than one "correct" orthograph and so on.

For now I'm doing pretty much what you said : I delineated our African territories by filtering each country individually. 😉

HubSpot Product Team

Hey @LeKevoid I"m going to do some digging on the IP Continent property and come back to you shortly if that's okay? Stay tuned 🙂


Would love to have this!


Agreed! It'd be really useful to filter smart content by continent.


In our case, it'd be helpful to use the most relevant contact details and office location in our footer, based on which continent the page viewer was from.


Currently, to achieve this, we'd need to add every individual country into a list.