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Add a "Files" card within a contact or company record that is not fed by attachments.

The idea behind this is to have a "files" card for our reps to upload unique files specific to a contact/company - say - a price list. Often times when these files are added to the "attatchments" folder, they get lost as that folder is fed by email attatchments as well. 

Having some type of way to seperate these would be very benefical to our team! 


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I don't think there's a native solution yet, but this can be easily done via the CloudFiles attachment. You can also directly connect a file/ folder stored in Google Drive, OneDrive, or Sharepoint.




Here's more info -


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@SauravRoy i've looked into cloudfiles. Seems to work great and love that it ties into our OneDrive/Dropbox. However, my complaint is the subscription cost and its just another plugin. Long term, it doesnt make sense for us to spend so much annually (with 50+ users needing the tool).


Would love to see something similar native on HubSpot that we don't need to pay extra for.