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Add a "Email Category" field on the form settings

For performance reasons we would like to see a "Email Category" field (dropdown select) on the form settings which editors can use to define whether the email is a content delivery email, event invitation email, a regular newsletter etc. 


As a result we could see an overall performance by email category, because performance differs dramatically depending on the category.

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HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Thanks for posting @folked, this is something that we've been chatting about recently and think could make a big difference to reporting and asset management across the app. Do you have any examples you can share where you think tagging/categorising has been done well in the past? 

Regular Contributor

Hi @Shay  I think a simple dropdown menu in the email settings area  would do it. Categories could be: Internal, Content Delivery, Regular Newsletter, (Event) Invitation, Confirmation email, Reminder, Special Offer, Dedicated Send, Double-Opt-In...