Add a "+1" feature to Hubspot Scoring

I'd like to be able to score a Hubspot contact based on how many times they view my website. Currently, the way that scoring is set up no matter what I do they will only get one score for viewing the website. They will not get a score cumulatively based on their actions. I'd like to be able to have them get a score of "+1" for each time they did the attribute page view and then refine it to max out at a total score of 10. This way for each new session up to 10 sessions they would be able to get points.

Then I'd really love to be able to set it so that after one year they would lose those points so that this is a yearly score. So if they visited 10x over the course of 365 days and then at day 367 one of their page visits was no longer inside of the last 365 days they would lose 1 point so their new score would be 9 until they either visited the page again or continued to lose points while their page views fall out of the new 365 days.