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Currently when you develop a blog template you can toggle between previews for the blog listings and posts, either in the "Live preview with display options" upper right hand corner or using the  "Preview without display options" and toggling the "blog_listing" parameter in the URL, e.g.: 


However, because the blog author page is styled within the blog listings template, there's no way of previwing what the blog author page will look like until the blog is live.


It would be great if we could preview this, for example by adding a parameter like &blog_author=true


Sample use case: I developed a blog template for a client, but they wanted to see what the blog author page looks like before going live (they were reluctant to publish with unknowns). 


As a workaround I published the template on a Test Blog on my portal to show them, but this isn't ideal!


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Yes please! I really need this.