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Add a function on the email footer for it to be dynamic


Ref: HubSpot Ticket #554761

I am a Sales manger using HubSpot.

I have created workflows and email templates linked to those workflows for all Account Managers to use.

The problem is that we have 5 office locations and several account managers in each location.

It seems to me that the "footer" in an email template is static.


So the suggestion is: Can  you make a footer dynamically change based on the HubSpot owner's office location?


I think this should be fairly easy since each HubSpot owner has its own sig and is in one specific location?

Thanks for considering this.




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Where's the love for this idea?! This is a huge deal.


Agreed 100% this would be huge for establishing trust.  Just found this comment after google searching for a solution, now seeing that there is nothing in place.  I have eight locations, I would love for my contacts to receive emails "from" the location that serves them rather than the corporate office.  Ideally Office Location could be assigned via a smartlist, or as a field on the contact record.


Dear HubSpot team,

I was creating a workflow on HubSpot including emails with smart content in seven languages.


I had two obstacles:

  1. It is not possible to have a dynamic footer by language. I need to be able to update at least Chinese and Russian (Example: 隐私政策|  订阅套餐 |  联系我们 |  取消订阅 )
  2. When we use smart content the unsubscribe option is presented only in English, since that’s the default option for the main email. It would be awesome if it could be showed accordingly to the contact property of language.

For now, even when all our messages were created with smart content, we decided to start again and create different messages and workflows by language.


Perhaps the features could be soon available, I do think these are wonderful ideas and would encourage you to add these functionalities to the product.



Jimena Batschelet


"Smart" emails aren't smart until the entire content area can be edited. The footer is part of that. Very unfortunate that this doesn't exist.


Has this moved forward? This is absoulutely neccessary for any team which has more than one sales person.


I agree 100%. We have 6 brands using the same account (websites hosted externally), if the footer can utilise smart content it would save my team a significant amount of time having to recreate the email for each brand.  Smart Content is very limited otherwise.  Hubspot is it in your plans?

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Agreed! I've come across use cases where having the footer change according to location would help several sales/marketing. Good feature to have 🙂

I am happy to hear that you agree!
Do you think that will ever be implemented?

The fact that this is not implemented shows just how out-of-touch HubSpot is with its customers.  Very basic things like this are missing everywhere you look.



We're a global business with several office locations. Would be nice to have the footer set by a varible in a workflow to avoid branching and multiple emails that are the same, but with a differerent office footers.


Hi, I also would love to see this feature created and implemented. It's available in other email automation platforms such as Marketo, and seems like a seriously overlooked benefit. We have locations in multiple countries around the world, which means we absolutely have to include the appropriate headquarter location in all our marketing emails. Without this feature, doing so gets complicated. It doesn't make any sense that every component of the email can be made "smart" but the legally required information at the bottom must remain static.