Add a feature to send emails in workflow before the actual event



Currently the workflows can be created around a certain date(lets say a webinar for example). But using a workflow I cannot send emails before the event date. It would be great if we could send emails (like reminder email 2-3 days before, 'join now' email with webinar url) before the event. Currently emails can only be sent in date based workflows after the event date.

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HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
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Hi @sumitincisiv! Because this kind of set-up can already be achieved through date-based workflows, I am marking this idea as delivered. When creating a date-based workflow, you can schedule events to occur before the workflow's anchor date. Using the "Add delay" block, you can select a date prior to the anchor date and then choose actions that you'd like to occur at that point in time. The third example from this blog post, "Event/Webinar Registration Nurture," includes an example of what this may look like in a workflow created for a webinar or event.


If your requests are not met through these date-based workflow features, please create a new idea post and describe exactly how you'd like to make use of these features. The more use cases, suggestions and specifics you can include, the better!