Add a custom delay time as action for chatflows


The delay between messages isn't long enough by default for the bot to appear 'human'.

It would be really useful to add a X second delay between messages as an action.

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Hi there.  This is not a reply to help but rather to support the develpment of such a feature, as I'd like to be able to include it  too.  Can someone please, please take this to the discussion table and have it added to this awesome tool.


Thank you 🙂


Sorry,  I should probably share what I had originally asked the support team.  Here it is below:

Wanting a time delay between messages
Is it possible to insert a time delay (say 1 minute) into a chatflow, before sending the next message? I want to allow a minute or 2 for a team member to respond, however if there is no response. I 'then' want to send the follow up message.

Want this too!


We need this as well. As soon as the chatflow has asked if they are a customer or not, it goes straight to 'we are directing you to the appropriate party' without anytime for the person monitoring the inbox to respond or look up their info in our CRM.


I agree that this would be a helpful feature to add, set up in the same way that you can add a time delay when building a workflow.


Yes, yes! We would especially love something like an if/then branch: "Wait X seconds/minutes. If no reply, close chat. If reply, proceed with another action."