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Add a custom contact property date for a subscription start date, when creating payment links

When creating a payment link, there is the ability to add custom dates for the subscription start date. However, there is not the ability to populate the subscription start date with the contents of a hubspot contacts date field.


We process applicants in advance of their contractual start date, sometimes a year in advance, and we do not start their subscription until they start their contract - Its a different day for everyone, so we need the ability to start a subscription on a date that is known in a field in the associated contact.


They would be applying through a membership page in Hubspot CMS, so there wouldnt be a problem in them clicking a payment link and hubspot pulling through this field, as they are logged in and we know who it is.


custom start date.png

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This is a great idea and would be very useful functionality for our customers


Important that this change is considered otherwise the current approach is not compliant for revenue recognition for subscription based services


Definitely would be beneficial for borh the CX team and customers