Add a comment to a note/email

It would be great to be able to add a comment to a note or an email that has been entered earlier. To create a note and comment chain.


I currently use HighRise CRM and one feature I use every day is adding comments to notes or emails in a company ou contact timeline. That way I have all the info about one subject in a "discussion" or in a series of notes instead of having to jump from one note to another with tasks and calls in between.




Luc Noël

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We'd be up for testing this in beta! 

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We have been waiting for this for over a year.

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Huge +1 on this. HS admins would be able to 'bump' or follow-up on notes/tasks/emails in particular rather than just creating new tasks. Would remove clutter and streamline workflow.

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I heard it was already in beta months ago and some companies have this feature. How can we became a beta tester and when is it expected to roll out for everyone?

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Agreed. Right now, we just edit the comment and tag the other person, but it gets confusing.

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Équipe de développement de HubSpot
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As of today, you can now comment on any note, meeting, call or logged activity. It is not possible to comment on an email or task activity at this time. The team is looking in to adding this functionality to tasks.

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Thanks @KevinGrondin - Better late than never Smiley heureux I've only just seen this has been added.