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Add Workflow Restoration/ History

As a new HubSpot customer, I have spent weeks building out complex pipelines, deal stages, and workflows. One wrong click, and I ended up accidentally editing the wrong pipeline and losing all of my work.


I was informed that there is no way to restore it and no history of my workflows anywhere. HubSpot is great at tracking every movement, so I think they should also be able to track all of the features I am building and implementing and be able to restore work I have lost or accidentally deleted.

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I just made the same mistake. Hubspot allows you to view the previous version, but does not allow you to restore it.


Hi, @DSchwartz @RCarneiro 

Here at, we're building automated Hubspot backup. If needed, you'll be able to restore your Hubspot account, including workflows and contact details to any point in time. 

Here's more information:

I'll be happy to hear more about your needs when it comes to HubSpot back up and give you early access. Please contact me at maria.korolenko[at]

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Posting on behalf of a customer: 


We currently have the ability to restore a deleted workflow, but all of the workflow history and data prior to the deletion is lost. If we could also restore the workflow history/data of a deleted workflow, it would be great.