Add Tracking Analytics to Quotes


As a salesperson, I need to be able to track when a quote is viewed, and clicked on so that I can more astutely engage with the customer who the opportunity is with.


Putting on my product manager hat, I would suggest that HubSpot Sales users are able to not only see views and link clicking, but that you would also enable deeper analytics like those found in Hotjar...i.e. heatmapping & Session recording while the customer guest is viewing the web-hosted quote.

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I'd like to use this functionality to set a workflow sending an email notification to the sales rep that a contact has viewed a quote. This would be a good time for them to call the contact to see if they have any questions. 

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Is it possible to track activity on quotes in Hubspot? 


Perfeito, se tivermos as mesmas percepções que temos em documentos já ajudaria muito. Saber quanto tempo a pessoa passou no orçamento além de quantas vezes foi acessado. 

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This would be a great functinality to have.  Its odd that it doesnt exist as other email opens and link clicks are tracked.  Knowing when a prospect has opened a quote is important information in terms of sales follow ups and informing conversations with them.

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This is an important feature to add


We'd love the option to see analytics on HS quotes we send i.e. opens / click / forwarded on / who's done these actions so we can be more strategic in our actions.



Completely agree on this idea and think this functionality would be fantastic (had this before on previously used quotation / proposal / contract tools) and it's very helpful to plan future communications / progression with the prospect or client - would love to see this implimented on HS quotating!


Is there any update on this? Its really needed! If you can track documents sent via Hubspot you should surely be able to track proposals/quotes


This would make so much sense. You guys already have it with document links sent via Hubspot.. I always get a notification when someone opens it.


Should absolutely be the same for quotes..