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Add Top Level Product Line

We have product lines / main product names at top level, e.g. MarvelClient.

Below that top level, there are e.g. modules, products or addons that belong to that top level product line. It would be so easy to add that extra level and it will add tons of value from a reporting perspective.

Top Level Product Line.png


The outcome the current way HubSpot is dealing with it if one wants to generate a report for revenue per product is the following which unfortunately doesn´t make a lot of sense.

HubSpot every single option is a product by itself.png


What product management wants to see is report on a higher level like this which we created based on  few lines of historical data from our previous CRM.

Top Level Product Line based report.png


Hope my explanation and screenshots are valuable and we´ll see this "Top Level Product Line" in the Product configuration soon.


Also: HubSpot wording doesn´t make too much sense when it comes to products.

In a report / table, Product (Product) and Name (Product) are exactly the same since they work with that single field  from the Product configuration. That besides the other reasons should be worth a thought about the  "Top Level Product Line" I am asking you for.


Here is a screenshot how it looks to have Product (Product) and Name (Product) beside eachother:-)Product Product and Name  Product are the same.png

I am very much looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind regards


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