Add Timestamp as a property

It would be beneficial to have Date stamp & Time stamp (system time, eg. YYYY-MM-DD & HH:MM) as available properties in Hubspot. So that one can pick date or time stamps to use in snippets or workflows. 

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Absolutely agree. I have been trying to figure out how to export a report that shows the time between sign-up and sales contact, and it looks like we're going to have created a convoluted API property. I mean, the time is already measured in the backend... why can't we report on that? 

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Fully agree, this is useful to track time from a lead status change to the contact. Using last contacted can give the impression this time is very long if multiple contacts are done

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This would be a welcome addition and would add a lot of flexibility to workflows and lists.

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Must require.

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Agreed, every other HubSpot date property has an associated time stamp.

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We absolutely need this.  


one of the KPI's we'd like to measure is the amount of time that passes from when a new lead comes in - to when the sales rep calls/emails/logs an activity.   This would be tremendous.