Add Time Tags or Date Tokens to Templates

Time/Date/Day Tags: Rather than going into every email with a specific date, Time/Date/Day of the Week tags would allow you to send emails consistently with a day of the week listed.


Example: "can we set up a meeting on  {n days from now}?", just enter a number where the “n” is, and your dynamic tag will take care of the rest.

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I second his idea. This would be incredibly helpful when using templates. 

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I agree, I cannot believe that there are no such tokens like Current day of the week, Today's date + X days and others.

How can I prepare a sequence that says:


Happy {{day of the week}} {{ contact.firstname }}


Translating to "Happy Monday John."


This exists in the majority of other MAT's so I wonder why it's not in Hubspot...


Can any moderator help us in this?