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Add TikTok to the list of Paid Social Sources

The list of organic social sources is currently different than the list of Paid Social Sources. The most notable example is TikTok, which is currently only available as a source under Organic Social.  This means any paid ads running on TikTok won't show up properly in our traffic source Drilldowns.


Please add TikTok to the list of Paid Social Sources.

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Agree! Huge oversight that this isn't included yet


Tiktok is really looking strong here in our marketing v Facebook - Insta still clinging on but it's so important that Hubspot reviews its social channel lists - there are social platforms I've never heard of and I've been in digital 20 years yet TikTok is nowhere to be seen. Sort it out please Hubspot team! 

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Yes please! This is a great addition to social for sure.


You are right that this platform is entirely independent in marketing. However, it is worth remembering that the video is blocked for apparent ads, so it is harder to do this every time. For the algorithms not to consider advertising overtones, it is necessary to make the most native video. But even in such cases, the algorithms read and reduce the coverage of views and subscriptions of the audience. So in such cases, you must use additional ways to attract subscriptions. It seems to me that Buy Followers for Tiktok will be a good way to raise your stats. For those trying to develop their profile, it's worth exploring all the forms of promotion as much as possible.


Please add this to Hubspot, it is extremely important as TikTok continues to grow in popularity.


Yes, please. Plus, Youtube and Youtube Shorts. We will move to Hootsuite and stop paying Hubspot Marketing if by the end of our yearly contract these integrations aren't added to the platform.