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Add Ticket Properties to Filter Type in Contact-based Workflows

Hey HubSpot

We work with a number of organisations that are migrating to the Service Hub from other software purely for HubSpot's centralised automation and suite of products. 

A recurring pain point is the lack of functionality to perform actions in their workflows based on ticket data-points/fields when working with contact-based workflows

It seems every other object is supported, but Tickets aren't. This would solve so many non-scaleable complex workarounds currently in place.

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I desperately need this functionality as well!

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We are dyinggggg for this functionality! We currently have to create so many custom Contact properties for Ticket workflows in order to have them communicate with Contact workflows. If Contact workflows can communicate with Deals, seems like an easy fix to add in Tickets as well?


Lol, yes. One of those cases where an object is strangely kept unavailable for a particular purposes ... in this case it is the tickets for filtering, which indeed would be very useful. Pretty please add this!

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This is so needed, especially with the advances around association labels.


I am needing to automate an enrollment in sequence, for a 'project lead' association label, and all that hinges on a stage of the tickets pipeline!