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Add Social Tools to Mobile App

I have talked to a few users about being able to access social publishing/scheduling tools while on the go.  This could incredibly useful for trade events, in order to centralise all of the social posts, and possibly launch campaigns on the go.

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November 03, 2022 05:15 AM

Hello all, 
We have released the first version of Social Media Publishing and Monitoring on mobile, Android and iOS. 

The first versions of Social Publishing will allow marketers to: on the one side, create and publish posts in their social networks connected to their HubSpot account on the go. On the other, to visualise all the published content, schedule and save it as a draft.
On top of that, marketers will also be able to see the stats of the content they have published to start monitoring the impact of those. 

Happy to hear your feedback and keep this solution improving week after week! 
We have included a Feedback CTA inside the Social menu in the app, like that you can leave your comments while using the feature. 

In Beta
July 28, 2022 08:11 AM

We are working on this idea and the first BETA has been released to 1% of our users.
In the following weeks, we will open it progressively.

Marketers can now publish on their social media networks from their phones (iOS and Android).

The first versions of Social Publishing will allow marketers to: on the one side, create and publish posts in their social networks connected to their HubSpot account on the go. On the other, to visualise all the published content, schedule and save it as a draft.

If you are willing to try it, feel free to fill out this form!

February 20, 2019 09:37 AM

The new version of social reporting (beta) now allows you to report on posts published anywhere -- so you can publish through your mobile device directly on the network and still get reporting on it through HubSpot. If you're interested in trying it out please DM me with your portal ID. 

May 31, 2018 12:05 PM

Yep 🙂 I messed up with the google form. 


Help us start building out the requirements for this feature by emailing me what features you want in mobile and times that you're available to chat. dmarmer @ is my email handle.

May 30, 2018 06:41 AM


You're definitely not shouting into the wind - we are paying attention to this thread! 

Lots of transparency here: this isn't on our near term priority list... but the PMs have been talking about prioritizing at some point.  


Help us start building out the requirements for this feature by emailing me what features you want in mobile and times that you're available to chat. dmarmer @ is my email handle.




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September 20, 2017 09:04 AM

Re: Allow Social Publishing on Mobile - changed to: Needs Detail
May 04, 2017 11:41 AM

This is something the team are evaluating so would love to get your thoughts on how you use Social with HubSpot. Do you use it to create content and post? Or are you using it for monitoring and tracking clicks, views etc?

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How is this progressing? I think this is a great idea and very much needed


The concept of Social Publishing is so often at the event, in the action, with a larger community.  

In a prioritized list - If all you did is the first it would be a great start.

1.  We really need to Publish social posts from our IOS devices

2.  It would be great to schedule social posts in the single account.

3.  Scheduling the "reTweets" from other social accounts in our account.

4.  Clone posts

5.  See the activity and reports


This is kind of a basic urgent functionality as it is a bit painful to still have jump into all the different platforms to answer comments if you can also add the ADS comments will be the best! 


Absolutely. I'm shocked that this isn't an option with Hubspot. With so many social media managers being on call 24/7 and needing access from any device, including mobile devices, this type of scheduler seems like a no-brainer. For a company that is such a leader in so many aspects of marketing, Hubspot is lacking in so many others, particularly when it comes to social media. Can we please know if this is on a roadmap right now? 


Hubspot Mobile App needs to directly reflect the web/desktop version. Since it has features for Social Media support and other integrations that can be added it really needs to be in sync. Please add in the Social Media support tools on the Mobile App for Hubspot. I was initially really happy to know Hubspot had these features and that there was an app for it, but soon found out it does not reflect the same functions as the web/desktop version.


I disagree slightly on the need to "directly reflect the web/desktop version." There are some things that only make sense on the desktop because of the form factor. For instance, I don't know if we should expect to be building reports on the app. However, common tasks should absolutely be available. In addition, tasks that lend themselves to the mobile experience should be there like posting to social from a tradeshow. That just makes sense.


I am also annoyed that the app has gone so far toward Sales and away from Marketers. I know this was a conscious decision and I'm not sure why both Marketers and Salespeople couldn't win. A separate app would have been fine if it was too much to cram into one.


My business developers love the app and use it all day, which has made them more productive. However, I hardly use it anymore.


I think it would be a great feature if you allowed the ability to publish to multiple social media platforms directly from the mobile app. As opposed to just capturing analytics from your mobile device, the ability to publish too all platforms with one click within the app (much like the online social tool).


I inquired about this feature today and the customer service representative showed me this conversation. Still not happening I see. I find it incredible that this kind of feature is not activated yet. I miss out on opportunities when I see something on my phone I want to share or plan. 


This would be so valuable. I see this idea is 3 years old. Is it still on the radar?

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I completely agree. I used to use Zoho and Hootsuite and they both had apps. It allowed for us to quickly respond when issues arise and a post didn't go through for some unknown reason. 


@Daria any update on this tool? I tried the social poster yesterday and then realized I needed to make edits on-the-go and saw no option to do so in the app. The browser view when it comes to actually editing something is pretty bad, so what is the status on this? 


I would love to be able to create, publish, and schedule social media posts from the HubSpot mobile app. It just makes sense to have this feature available for today's on-the-go marketing. I post multiple times a day to multiple social media channels on behalf of my association. Having access at my fingertips would be very helpful.

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Hi everyone,

I've been in touch with the Product team about this Idea.


At this time there are no plans to develop this Idea. This is not to say that this idea will never be developed, just that there are no plans to do so at this time. Feel free to continue to leave your feedback on this thread.




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That is sad news that there are no plans to develop this idea. To me it would make so much sense to be able to post on the go. It is a mobile app - and social media is a very mobile platform. Plus, I have my stores post to their location pages - right now they have to take the picture on their phone and email it to themselves so they can get it on the computer and then post from the HubSpot webpage. It is a lot of extra work which means my stores don't post as often. 


We need the ability to schedule, post, manage and reply for social media content on the go. Please prioritize this. 


I can't believe that this isn't a function of HubSpot. As an organisation that spends lots of time on the road, please accelerate the development of this!


This is the only big thing I miss about Hootsuite


Ditto to many of the above comments.  I am a returning Hubspot user after many years and a few jobs, and was disappointed to find out that I can no longer post social media content from the mobile app.  I recall (but cannot say with 100% certainty) that I could do that when I used it many years ago.  I am really happy with Hubspot 2021 with the exception of this so far.  Now I need a third-party app to simplify social posting when on the go.

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You are 100% correct @KHeilmann. Years ago we were able to use the mobile app for social posting on the go. 

IMHO, the HubSpot platform is capable, and constantly improving, in every area BUT social media management. In addition to the lack of a mobile app, the browser/portal social component is extremely weak. We pay dearly for another service in order to handle the basics for ourselves and clients. Sigh.


Makes the social module pointless. Now I have to pay for another app to do what Hubspot desktop does because most of my scheduling or adding tweets to my feed are random thoughts. So now I need to use Hootsuite or buffer and pay for another tool.