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I have talked to a few users about being able to access social publishing/scheduling tools while on the go.  This could incredibly useful for trade events, in order to centralise all of the social posts, and possibly launch campaigns on the go.

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Add Social Tools to Mobile AppHubSpot Product Team

The new version of social reporting (beta) now allows you to report on posts published anywhere -- so you can publish through your mobile device directly on the network and still get reporting on it through HubSpot. If you're interested in trying it out please DM me with your portal ID. 

Add Social Tools to Mobile AppHubSpot Product Team

Yep Smiley Happy I messed up with the google form. 


Help us start building out the requirements for this feature by emailing me what features you want in mobile and times that you're available to chat. dmarmer @ is my email handle.

Add Social Tools to Mobile AppHubSpot Product Team


You're definitely not shouting into the wind - we are paying attention to this thread! 

Lots of transparency here: this isn't on our near term priority list... but the PMs have been talking about prioritizing at some point.  


Help us start building out the requirements for this feature by emailing me what features you want in mobile and times that you're available to chat. dmarmer @ is my email handle.




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Add Social Tools to Mobile AppHubSpot Product Team
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This is something the team are evaluating so would love to get your thoughts on how you use Social with HubSpot. Do you use it to create content and post? Or are you using it for monitoring and tracking clicks, views etc?

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I agree with all of the others that said they used ALL OF THE ABOVE features before on the "old" app called "marketing" with the hubspot logo. When I go to login now, it won't let me in to use the app, even though the post said we should still be able to use the old app. 


I used it to monitor twitter responses, post to multiple channels at once, and sometimes schedule posts when I found something on social media and didn't want to file it away to post later. 


PLEASE think of how you've ruined our "on the go" statuses of being able to use your product. Smiley Sad Smiley Sad : (


Does your IT team suggest we all download Hootsuite and use them? What are we supposed to do?

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This feature was in the old app.  Not sure why it was taken out.  Please add it back in asap!





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I would like to echo the feedback above and was dumbfounded when I tried to post to our social accounts yesterday, finding that the updated app does not have this functionality! To be brutally honest, this is a "must have" and was the main feature that kept me on the app regularly. Why would the previous version of the app have had the social publishing functionality - which must have been incorporated based upon strong use cases - and the new one does not?



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Hi @Dan and @Hassiegm


Can you please upvote and follow this idea -  This idea has been suggested previously and the product team has commented on that thread.




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Finding it very confusing and disappointing that the technology / function existed on a previous app (which we loved) but it wasn't made available on the new app before decommissioning the original app.  

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This is definitely needed. The Social media management side of HubSpot's tools are definitely lacking. Social media can only be scheduled in the future with a content calendar for certain types of posts. Being able to use social media while away from a computer is a big part of social media marketing. And the fallback to using the on mobile not even close to useful. so that pushes me to another tool and additional expenses.


The other thing that would make this even more useful is having the ability to manage users permissions with the social tools (like tools like Hootsuite and SproutSocial offer). I don't necessarily want every user to have carte blanche access to post via social or on every social channel that I have connected to HubSpot.

There is another post that touches on that (Social Media Post Approval Process or Workflow) but that should be taken into account on the mobile app too.



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Agree with Babel_Gem and lelparker -- the inability to view / schedule / use the HubSpot social media tools on mobile has been a major negative as we and many clients are active speakers and attendees at events, tradeshows and conferences.


We kept the old HubSpot apps on our iPhones and used that until it no longer worked, but now we are in the embarrassing position of having to set up and train HubSpot clients on how to use our Hootsuite Enterprise account for scheduling in advance of major events. They simply do not understand why they are paying all this money for a monthly HubSpot subscription that integrates everything else when they cannot use their phones at what is often their most important marketing event of the year.


Please, please fix this.

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I agree... bring back the social media mobile app!  We were very disappointed to see the social media mobile app was discontinued.  We used this quite a bit.  Social media posts happen more often on the go and on demand, in real time.  


We have been forced to relocate our social media marketing to other apps e.g., Hootsuite.  Which takes our users off the Hubspot platform and results in less user adoption and far less utility.