Add Social Tools to Mobile App

I have talked to a few users about being able to access social publishing/scheduling tools while on the go.  This could incredibly useful for trade events, in order to centralise all of the social posts, and possibly launch campaigns on the go.

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The concept of Social Publishing is so often at the event, in the action, with a larger community.  

In a prioritized list - If all you did is the first it would be a great start.

1.  We really need to Publish social posts from our IOS devices

2.  It would be great to schedule social posts in the single account.

3.  Scheduling the "reTweets" from other social accounts in our account.

4.  Clone posts

5.  See the activity and reports

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This is kind of a basic urgent functionality as it is a bit painful to still have jump into all the different platforms to answer comments if you can also add the ADS comments will be the best! 

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Absolutely. I'm shocked that this isn't an option with Hubspot. With so many social media managers being on call 24/7 and needing access from any device, including mobile devices, this type of scheduler seems like a no-brainer. For a company that is such a leader in so many aspects of marketing, Hubspot is lacking in so many others, particularly when it comes to social media. Can we please know if this is on a roadmap right now?