Add Social Tools to Mobile App

I have talked to a few users about being able to access social publishing/scheduling tools while on the go.  This could incredibly useful for trade events, in order to centralise all of the social posts, and possibly launch campaigns on the go.

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I'd like to be able to access the social features on the mobile app to make it easier to post on the go - while at tradeshows, etc. 

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I'm surprised this isn't already a mobile app functionality. A ton of social media managers rely on HubSpot to schedule / live post to social - they should be able to accomplish this without having to use a mobile browser. In Chrome on mobile, this approach is a terrible experience at the moment. Every button/text is microscopic. Please implement this functionality soon, even if it's a separate mobile app. Thank you.

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@Daria Is there an update on this? Thanks!

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@stephanieclague She told me it was still under consideration. Smiley Sad 


@MonicaDOrtiz I completely agree! I'm surprised the entire app doesn't offer the same capabilities as the online portal, or at least a majority because I do understand there might be some areas where it would hinder user experience. The app is useless to me because of this.

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The mobile app used to let you share a web page to your social channels from a mobile browser. I used to curate content from my phone all the time. Not sure why this went away.


I don't understand how it has been 2 years since this thread started and we still don't have the social media function back on the app. I love Hubspot for what it can do for marketing, and I'm surprised that being able to do social media marketing on the go is such a challenge or oversight. Please make this available again or create an app just for social media. I'm fine with using something like Hootsuite, but if I had one less place to sign into or could have all my data in one place, that would be great.

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This would be very helpful for enabling social media take overs. 

We would like to provide limited hubspot access to influencers so they can access multiple social media accounts, without having access to our social media accounts directly. 


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We definitely need access to the social media tool on the Mobile App.  It is crucial for us to be able to post to social media out in the field and respond to monitoring in real time. I'm surprised this isn't a function of the app already since social requires responsivness.  I imagine it discourages HubSpot users from using the social aspect of the tool if it is so limited.  Please consider adding this functionality ASAP. 

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How is this progressing? I think this is a great idea and very much needed


The concept of Social Publishing is so often at the event, in the action, with a larger community.  

In a prioritized list - If all you did is the first it would be a great start.

1.  We really need to Publish social posts from our IOS devices

2.  It would be great to schedule social posts in the single account.

3.  Scheduling the "reTweets" from other social accounts in our account.

4.  Clone posts

5.  See the activity and reports