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I have talked to a few users about being able to access social publishing/scheduling tools while on the go.  This could incredibly useful for trade events, in order to centralise all of the social posts, and possibly launch campaigns on the go.

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I agree, I miss the HubSpot social posting mobile tool 😞


Yes please.  I am using a workaround right now to save articles via pocket and then push them into Hubspot via Zapier.  I would like for our team to have an easy way to save relevant content they find ON MOBILE and save them to our Hubspot account a draft social posts.


I agree with a lot that has already been said. The app should have the same functions as what's available through the web browser version. That means posting/scheduling as well as analytics. I'm honestly surprised this part of the user experience has not been as thoroughly thought through.


I agree 100%. As a paid user, I feel this should be a standard feature because I can run my company off of my phone when away from the office and posting on social allows me to stay ahead of the competition on the fly while others may send to a marketing agency having wait time. Time is the key here. I'm in the construction business so I get a lot of opportunities to show every update and cool scope of work along the way at the moment something occurs. It's all about speed! 

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It would be nice to have social media functions in HubSpot mobile apps. 


Why? Social Media may be planned from the desk. But real Social Media work is mobile. Plz add at least basic functions to your mobile app such as: 


- see planned Social Media posts

- plan social media posts 

- see retweets, likes, comments

- answer on those


All thinks social on mobile would be huge - posting, analytics, prescheduling, listening. A lot of times, we get asked questions on the fly during presentations and in meetings, or people want metrics in real time. Would be great to be able to reference.


Also, would love to be able to take photos, edit and post directly from mobile with images in portrait orientation. 


yes please! How crazy that a social media manager has to get out their laptop to tweet from an event using Hubspot


Yes! This is a huge limitation and one of the reasons we don't use Hubspot for social - which is annoying to have to use another system and not be able to appropriately report on our campaigns.

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The new version of social reporting (beta) now allows you to report on posts published anywhere -- so you can publish through your mobile device directly on the network and still get reporting on it through HubSpot. If you're interested in trying it out please DM me with your portal ID. 

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Hi Daria,


We are definitely interested in the beta for social reporting. Portal id # 395217







I'd like to be able to access the social features on the mobile app to make it easier to post on the go - while at tradeshows, etc. 


I'm surprised this isn't already a mobile app functionality. A ton of social media managers rely on HubSpot to schedule / live post to social - they should be able to accomplish this without having to use a mobile browser. In Chrome on mobile, this approach is a terrible experience at the moment. Every button/text is microscopic. Please implement this functionality soon, even if it's a separate mobile app. Thank you.


@Daria Is there an update on this? Thanks!


@stephanieclague She told me it was still under consideration. 😞 


@MonicaDOrtiz I completely agree! I'm surprised the entire app doesn't offer the same capabilities as the online portal, or at least a majority because I do understand there might be some areas where it would hinder user experience. The app is useless to me because of this.


The mobile app used to let you share a web page to your social channels from a mobile browser. I used to curate content from my phone all the time. Not sure why this went away.


I don't understand how it has been 2 years since this thread started and we still don't have the social media function back on the app. I love Hubspot for what it can do for marketing, and I'm surprised that being able to do social media marketing on the go is such a challenge or oversight. Please make this available again or create an app just for social media. I'm fine with using something like Hootsuite, but if I had one less place to sign into or could have all my data in one place, that would be great.


This would be very helpful for enabling social media take overs. 

We would like to provide limited hubspot access to influencers so they can access multiple social media accounts, without having access to our social media accounts directly. 



We definitely need access to the social media tool on the Mobile App.  It is crucial for us to be able to post to social media out in the field and respond to monitoring in real time. I'm surprised this isn't a function of the app already since social requires responsivness.  I imagine it discourages HubSpot users from using the social aspect of the tool if it is so limited.  Please consider adding this functionality ASAP. 


It would be very useful to be able to schedule posts to multiple social accounts from my phone.


Do you have a mobile solution for posting to the social schedules in the pipelline? I'd like to be able to create a post/take a video/photo when we're at an event, or out of the office/away from a laptop computer and send this to post through HubSpot to various, all or specific social profiles.


The HS mobile app should allow users to access marketing tools such as emails, forms and social media. Consumers tend to use mobile to access their social accounts, HS should allow its consumers to do the same. The current mobile app for HS is horrible, from a marketing perspective it is not useful what so ever.